TIGI Let it Be Cherry Almond Leave-In Conditioner

I want to love this product for all the right reasons, so badly, but the only reason I love it and one of the the only reasons I use it is because of the smell.....it literally smells of bakewell tarts and the smell lingers in your hair throughout the day. However, this is where my love for it kind of ends, it may just be that my hair is quite dry due to using bleach on it and straightening it most days but this product just doesn't really add anything to my hair, I have used lots of other leave in conditioners and oils that make your hair really feel like they've had a treat when you've used them, but this just doesn't hit that spot for me. I do use it occassionally though in addition to my Macademia oil just for the smell, because the smell really is amazing! Having said all this, I did pick this up in TK Maxx for only £3.99 (I think!!) but it normally retails for around £8.95 so if you can find it for that bargainous price anywhere, I would reccomend it!

2 comments on "TIGI Let it Be Cherry Almond Leave-In Conditioner"
  1. Ah sorry this didn't live up to your expectations but at least it smells delicious:)

  2. I have never used anything from TIGI though I've heard good things. It's a shame this was a bit disappointing but at least it smells good eh haha.

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