Antipodes Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream

So, as you might have guessed, I loving all things Antipodes at the moment, I’ve done a few posts – here here on some of my recent buys and have a few more posts lined up, while I do love them, I did balk a bit at spending £16 on a hand cream when I love my Soap & Glory Hand Food so much. Having said that, I do really like this hand cream, it smells amazing, slightly citrusy, it’s got a scent that I can’t quite put my finger on, it’s a little bit like Sherbet or Lemon Drops. It has Sweet Orange, Cedarwood and extracts of the Kowhai flower in in it (the Kowhai flower might be the scent I can’t put my finger on, it’s a flower native to New Zealand) Like most Antipodes products, it’s got that natural, slightly herbal scent to it, that feels like it's really doing something good for your skin. It also has Avocado oil in this as one of the main ingredient which is rich in Vitamin E and super moisturising.
Formula wise, a little goes a long way, I would say you need just over half the amount that you would use of Hand Food and it does leave your hands feeling incredibly silky soft and it’s definitely non greasy. It comes in a metal tube with cream packaging and the usual Antipodes branding which I really like, it’s a little different and means that you can squeeze every last drop out.  It is £16 for a 75ml tube which I know is a lot for hand cream but definitely one for when you feel like your hands need a treat, I bought mine during the cold snap in April and it worked amazingly to mositurise my hands and stop them from drying out, which mine have a tendency to do when it gets really cold.
I also spotted Citronella in the Ingredients list for this which is great at keeping those pesky little midges and bugs during summer months!
What's your favourite Hand Cream? 
Soph x

HAUL: Boots

Another little haul for you all - these seem to go down a treat so I'll keep on doing them!

Dr Jart BB Cream

 I picked up a bottle of the Dr Jarts Beauty Balm - I'll do a full review of this shortly, but this has been my go to face base during the summer - am completely in love!

Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil

This stuff smells seriously good, one of the main ingredients in this is Sweet Almond Oil which leaves your skin feeling ultra soft and smelling amazing. I suffer from Ecezma occasionally if I don't keep my skin moisturised but this has been working a treat and works really well for sensitive skin.

Dove Nourishing Oil Spray

I am in love with this stuff, I know this is doing the circuit on blogs right now, but it's very justified, this stuff smells flipping amazing and works wonders for my hair - full review on this coming soon.

VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo

My favourite dry shampoo out there at the minute, smells amazing and works really well without leaving build up in the hair.

Dove Intensive Repair Spray

Similiar the nourishing oil version above, I have to say I prefer that one though.

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck & Shoulder Cream

I've been suffering massively with pain in my neck and shoulders recently, I hate the smell of deep heat normally but this one has a Rosemary and Vanilla Fragrance which is actually really pleasant.

OPI Nail Envy - Dry & Brittle Nails

Today's post is going to be about OPI's Nail Envy  Nail Strengthener for Dry and Brittle nails, I've been meaning to write this post up for a while, for the past year or so, my nails have been weak and peeling and no matter what I do, there are certain nails that always peel from the tip up to about mid-way through the nail making those nails generally weak, even when I grow them out so I can trim off the damaged area, within about a day or so it's peeled again. I do a lot of typing which could be the cause but it happens on my thumbs occasionally too so I'm a bit lost as to why it's happening to be honest. 

I'd heard wonder stories about OPI's Nail Envy so I ignored the £16-ish price tag and bought it. I don't know whether I just got the wrong type of this, I know there are about six others in the range for different nail ailments, you can find them all here, I think most people tend to go for the original version which has the green packaging, which I'm starting to wish I had gone for, I also recently saw one for sensitive & peeling nails which sounds like my perfect match. But alas, I went for  Dry & Brittle nail strengthener, and I've tried it in so many different ways - on it's own, under base coat, over base coat, as a top coat - but I just can't get it to do anything, it seems to be nothing more than just a clear polish for my nails which is highly annoying because I really need to find something to sort out my nails, I bought it last November and have been using it regularly since then to give it a really good test but I think it might be time for me to finally give up on this one. I'm not bashing this in anyway, I think I just got the wrong formula for my nails unfortunately.

If you have any tips on how to sort out my nails, please let me know! I've just started taking Starflower Oil which is supposed to be great at looking after skin, hair and nails but would love any tips you guys have.

What do you guys think of the OPI Nail Envy range?

Soph x

HD Brows Bronzer

Today I'm going to be talking about the HD Brows Bronzer that has been recently released. I got quite excited when I was sent this to try out, I have the HD Brows pallet but I don't really tend to use it all that much as I'm quite lucky in the fact that my brows are quite uniformed and don't really need filling in, I also have their tweezers as well, which I love and are still going strong despite the constant use over the past few months. So, on the whole, I've tried the brand out but other than the tweezers, I haven't had much use for using their brow products so I was really excited to see they had a new range of blushers and Bronzers coming out. I use Bronzer every day, and I'm normally quite loyal to the Benefit Hoola Bronzer but it's always good to try something new. The packaging of the HD Brows Bronzer is very similar to the brow pallette, a glossy black box with the white branding across the top which I really like, it's simple, classy and easy to transport. It also has a mirror in it which makes it great to keep in your handbag in case you need a touch up throughout the day. It does come with a sponge in the container as well which I found a little strange, I'm not sure why you'd put this product on with a sponge if I'm honest (unless I'm missing something?) but that's not an issue as it can  be easily taken out leaving a little plastic protector covering the bronzer itself.

So, onto the product itself, it's a medium coloured brown that gives a lovely glow to the skin when sweeped across, it's quite pigmented but if you use a light hand  you can make it quite sheer which I like because it means that I can go for a really natural look or build it up if I want more colour. It does have a golden shimmer running through it which I'm not so keen on, I prefer a matte bronzer personally so that I can add shimmer via a highlighter if I want it, however, for those that like a shimmery Bronzer, it's great and during the summer months, I haven't minded the extra glow this gives my face. I probably would keep this for use during the summer or for those days that you are in a rush and want a 2 in 1 product. 

Overall, I've really enjoyed using this and was pleasantly surprised, when I first opened the packaging I was a bit disappointed to see the shimmer running through the product but it's not too overpowering and that's just down to my own personal preference. 

You can pick up the HD Brows Bronzer here for £19.96