OPI Nail Envy - Dry & Brittle Nails

Today's post is going to be about OPI's Nail Envy  Nail Strengthener for Dry and Brittle nails, I've been meaning to write this post up for a while, for the past year or so, my nails have been weak and peeling and no matter what I do, there are certain nails that always peel from the tip up to about mid-way through the nail making those nails generally weak, even when I grow them out so I can trim off the damaged area, within about a day or so it's peeled again. I do a lot of typing which could be the cause but it happens on my thumbs occasionally too so I'm a bit lost as to why it's happening to be honest. 

I'd heard wonder stories about OPI's Nail Envy so I ignored the £16-ish price tag and bought it. I don't know whether I just got the wrong type of this, I know there are about six others in the range for different nail ailments, you can find them all here, I think most people tend to go for the original version which has the green packaging, which I'm starting to wish I had gone for, I also recently saw one for sensitive & peeling nails which sounds like my perfect match. But alas, I went for  Dry & Brittle nail strengthener, and I've tried it in so many different ways - on it's own, under base coat, over base coat, as a top coat - but I just can't get it to do anything, it seems to be nothing more than just a clear polish for my nails which is highly annoying because I really need to find something to sort out my nails, I bought it last November and have been using it regularly since then to give it a really good test but I think it might be time for me to finally give up on this one. I'm not bashing this in anyway, I think I just got the wrong formula for my nails unfortunately.

If you have any tips on how to sort out my nails, please let me know! I've just started taking Starflower Oil which is supposed to be great at looking after skin, hair and nails but would love any tips you guys have.

What do you guys think of the OPI Nail Envy range?

Soph x

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