Label M Protein Spray

Hi All,

So, firstly, I'm going to apologise for my lack of posting recently, I got lost in the summer a bit, work has been crazy and I put myself on a spending ban because I just bought a car so didn't have too much to write about and when I did go to do reviews, it made me want to buy stuff! But aaaanyway, I'm back and will aim to keep up more regular posting!! I've been using this Label M Protein Spray quite a lot over the past month, This was my first foray into Label M products, my sister had been wanting to try this for a while so I picked it up when she got hers as she'd been hearing good things about it. When I first used this, I think I went a little overboard and soaked my hair in it and ended up with a kind of lank, greasy feel to my hair when it dried causing me to toss it aside and move onto something else. However, I recently had a blow dry at Toni & Guy and they used this on my hair, very sparingly, maybe 5 sprays on the whole head as opposed to me using about a quarter of the bottle in one go and it made my hair feel amazing!

My hair at the time was in desperate need of a cut (have now had it cut thankfully) so I couldn't expect miracles but this does help with adding some much needed moisture and health to my hair, so I have recently dug it out again and been using it in my hair care routine, definitely stick with the less is more with this though as I got a bit spray happy again one day and got the same lank greasy feel to my hair, I have mid length hair which is just past my shoulders and  around 5 sprays is more than enough for my hair.I use it post applying oil (I'm starting to see why my hair might have felt a little greasy!!) and just before drying my hair.

This comes in a white bottle with Black Label M Branding on it and is in a pump spray format. This can also be used to protect hair from heat styling and also helps protect hair from harmful UV rays so is a bit of an all in one product. I'm struggling to describe the smell, it's kind of got a soapy smell and a bit of an old spice scent, which is kind of appealing, I normally go for sweet or fruity smelling stuff for my hair but I quite like this, the scent doesn't stick to the hair though too much. I picked up a little 50 ml bottle for around £3.50 to try. I still have loads of it left so i'd recommend trying the smaller version before buying the full size as there is definitely plenty in there to give it a good trial, at the moment, I think I would re-purchase the full size when I'm finished and it's definitely left me wanting to try more from Label M

You can pick this up from most Toni & Guy stores and costs £12.25

Have you used any other Label M products, any recommendations?

Soph xx

Lancome Tonique Douceur Softening Hydrating Toner

I've used Lancome Tonique Douceur Softening Hydrating Toner on and off for the past few years, I always end up with it when I buy the Lancome Mascara gift pack in the boxing day sales. It's alcohol free, which I like as my skin doesn't click with alcohol based products and it's for dry skin (I think!) On the whole, I tend to only reach for a toner when I feel like my skin needs a really good clean/remember and bizarrely this actually leaves my skin feeling a little bit sticky but it does feel like it's been deep cleaned still, if that makes sense? Plus, I love that satisfaction of seeing the dirt on the cotton pad - Gross, I know!

I normally find with Toners that they tend to sting my skin a bit, but this doesn't affect my sensitive skin at all. It's scented with a rose smell, which is delicious, it reminds me a little bit of Turkish delight and I love the packaging, it's in a clear bottle with the Lancome flower embossed and white Lancome branding so it looks pretty on my night stand. This is what Lancome have to say about it:

"Rediscover purity. Your skin breathes, naturally beautiful.
Rediscover purity
Your skin breathes, naturally beautiful All skin types, even sensitive. 

This alcohol-free lotion enriched with soothing plant extracts is the perfect finishing touch to makeup removal for dehydrated skin. It gently tones and refines the skin, removing any remaining impurities, without depleting its natural oils. Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed and ready for your daily treatments."

I love that wording, it definitely sells the product. The thing I'm struggling with though is if I would repurchase it myself at the full price (£21.50 for a 400ml bottle) and I think if i'm truly honest, I don't think I would, but I do have a lot of it to use up so it might me just that, that's swaying me to a "No, I wouldn't re-purchase" on this. It's not that I don't like the product, I really do love it, it's just that it seems a lot of money to spend on a toner that I don't always use, but then that is a big bottle so it's probably quite good value for money, I have the 125 ml bottle which has lasted me ages! So, to stop the rambling, I love the product, it's just a bit of a maybe as to whether I would re-purchase (I'll probably end up with it again though at Christmas when I get the Lancome Mascara set and I definitely won't be disappointed if I do!)

You can buy this at most department stores for around £21.50 for 400ml.

NOTD: Olympic Gold Nails

I put this Mani together after our first Gold Medal during the olympics and just found the pics again. I'm not a fan of full on gold nails really so wanted something different to celebrate so I went for a plain white nail (Models Inc "Snow White") with No. 7 Stay Perfect Glitter Topcoat in Gold. I actually kind of love it, I'm not sure if it looks a bit tacky though? I really like the No. 7 top coats, I picked up the silver version as well, and I love the smaller and chunkier pieces of glitter, it's a little more difficult to apply than maybe OPI's glitters, you kind of have to push on the pieces if glitter but considering I got them with a Boots No 7 voucher for £2.50, I think they're brilliant.

What are your thoughts?

Soph xx

NOTD: Pastel Mani

Sorry for my lack of posting recently, I've been on a bit of a spending ban since buying my car so my blogging has suffered slightly, got a few posts lined up though so should be back on track now. I did this Mani during the lovely heat wave we had last week, I couldn't decide on what colour to wear so ended up going for 5, as you do, I really like the combination of these colours, and have had so many compliments on it, that I've been wearing it quite a lot over the past few weeks. I went for Ciate Orange (I can't find a shade on this, but it's #23), Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream, Rimmel Urban Princess, Essie Mint Candy Apple and finally my favourite nail colour, Barry M's Berry Ice Cream. It's a really nice look for summer and even adds a bit of colour and brightness to our oh so rainy summer that we're now getting.

On a separate note, am completely in love with the Olympics, amazed at how brilliantly Team GB are doing, I'm currently watching Murray play Federer whilst drinking a Corona, which has to be my favourite way to spend a Sunday! :)

What do you guys think of this Mani?

Soph xx