NOTD: Olympic Gold Nails

I put this Mani together after our first Gold Medal during the olympics and just found the pics again. I'm not a fan of full on gold nails really so wanted something different to celebrate so I went for a plain white nail (Models Inc "Snow White") with No. 7 Stay Perfect Glitter Topcoat in Gold. I actually kind of love it, I'm not sure if it looks a bit tacky though? I really like the No. 7 top coats, I picked up the silver version as well, and I love the smaller and chunkier pieces of glitter, it's a little more difficult to apply than maybe OPI's glitters, you kind of have to push on the pieces if glitter but considering I got them with a Boots No 7 voucher for £2.50, I think they're brilliant.

What are your thoughts?

Soph xx

5 comments on "NOTD: Olympic Gold Nails"
  1. I love your nails!
    I absolutely adore glitter nail polish, and this looks really good!
    I have a few no 7 nail varnishes and love them, never tried a glitter top coat before but it looks really good!

    Zoe xxx
    Zoe Lianne

  2. Oh wow, I love this look. That gold glitter varnish looks amazing!


  3. I really love this look...definitely going to have to try it. I do this thing on my blog called 'quick nail posts' may see this look featured in a future one!

    jayj x.

  4. I got a no7 voucher I know what I'll be spending it on ;) x