HAUL : Cath Kidston, TK Maxx & Primark

Hi Guys,

Another little haul here, not really beauty related but I thought you'd still like anyway!

Soph x

Cath Kidston - Duvet Set - £93

These were a bit of a splurge but i'd wanted the greenwich rose print for ages so I decided to just go for it and I love them!

TK Maxx - £7

This is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment - I really do not need any more conditioners but this huge litre size bottle was only £7 so I ended up picking it up anyway.

TK Maxx - £2.99

This a anti-greasy hair type tonic, it has a pointed nozzle so you just direct it staright to the roots, not sure what I think of it yet but at £2.99 it was worth a shot.

Topshop - £5

I really like these Geek and Dork tops for sleeping in, there's something quite cosy about them so I picked this one up in the sale.

Primark - £5

I'm not sure why I bought this, but I think the neon pink sucked me in, again Pyjama's are a bit of a weakness, I have stacks just sitting with the label on that I haven't worn but it's a bit of a comfort thing to buy them.

Primark - £1.50

I have quite a few packs of these, the mint coloured ones seem to sell out pretty quickly these days, but I like using the mint colour to cleanse and then one of the white to dry my face.

Primark - £1.50

Again, not sure why I picked these up but I think the colours of these pretty pastel socks sucked me in.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

So, I know everyone and there mother have reviewed La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo and it's pretty much the talk of the blogosphere but I thought I'd air my views on it. I picked this up when my skin was going through a bit of an unusual time of breaking out quite frequently, I generally have extremely dry skin, one of the perks being that I rarely get spots, but for the past few months, I've been breaking out pretty much on my T-Zone and a little bit across my cheeks, I spotted the reviews for this and decided to give it a go, I searched high and low in boots and pharmacies around here before finding it online.

Initially, I was worried that this would break me out as a few others mentioned that they initially had a big break out before they started seeing results, thankfully, I didn't get this, I did however buy this expecting miracle results overnight which didn't happen either so initially I was disappointed, but a few days later my skin started clearing and generally just looking a little bit more even in tone, It didn't eradicate all my spots immediately but I started using this every day in May, and within around a week, they were virtually all gone, I now use this once or twice a week and I haven't really had a spot since so I am 100% in love with this product, I do credit some other products for this as well (I've got separate reviews lined up but one being Superdrug's Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, Origins Clay Mask and Pukka Cleanse Tea) but I think this Effaclar Duo is definitely a big factor. I definitely notice my skin detoriating if I don't use this after a week so I try and use it twice a week now.

This is a 40ml bottle which seems small initially for the price tag of £13 but a little goes a long way, I use around 3 pea sized amounts per application one for my forehead, one for my nose and across my cheeks and one for my chin and that seems to work for me, I've been using reguarly since the start of the year and I would estimate that I still have well over half left.

My one negative is the scent, I know there's a floral scent trying to break through but to me it smells a bit like bad breath, it's definitely a really weird scent, it's not horrible, just weird.

You can pick this up in most pharmacies that stick La Roche Posay for around £13.

Have you tried this, what do you think?

Soph x

Sleek - Pixie Pink

I received this blusher in a recent Glossybox, my initial thoughts were that I loved the colour but would never wear it and cast it aside into the "to try" pile but then one brave day I decided to give it a go and it's now one of my favourite blushers. In the packet it looks like an almost neon candy pink which looks like it's going to make me look like barbie, but it's actually quite sheer initially and very build-able, personally, I like it sheer because I'm not into strong makeup looks on the whole but even once you start to build it up, it's still very pretty and subtle, it's got a lovely formula and is very matte which is nice because I prefer to add my own highlight (exception is Benefit's Coralista, I think that has the perfect amount of shimmer in it!). 

We don't have a Sleek stand in my local Superdrug so it's nice to have these included in Glossyboxes, I received one of the Sleek eye shadow palettes a few months earlier and was again really impressed with the formula. I've since picked up a few more of these blushers which I'll review separately but I'm definitely a new convert to the Sleek brand.

These are a bargain at £4.99 each.

What's your favourite Sleek blush? 

Soph x