Sleek - Pixie Pink

I received this blusher in a recent Glossybox, my initial thoughts were that I loved the colour but would never wear it and cast it aside into the "to try" pile but then one brave day I decided to give it a go and it's now one of my favourite blushers. In the packet it looks like an almost neon candy pink which looks like it's going to make me look like barbie, but it's actually quite sheer initially and very build-able, personally, I like it sheer because I'm not into strong makeup looks on the whole but even once you start to build it up, it's still very pretty and subtle, it's got a lovely formula and is very matte which is nice because I prefer to add my own highlight (exception is Benefit's Coralista, I think that has the perfect amount of shimmer in it!). 

We don't have a Sleek stand in my local Superdrug so it's nice to have these included in Glossyboxes, I received one of the Sleek eye shadow palettes a few months earlier and was again really impressed with the formula. I've since picked up a few more of these blushers which I'll review separately but I'm definitely a new convert to the Sleek brand.

These are a bargain at £4.99 each.

What's your favourite Sleek blush? 

Soph x 

2 comments on "Sleek - Pixie Pink"
  1. I'm a big fan of Sleek blushes! They're never over the top straight away but can be built up really good! Love this colour, may have to check it out! xx

  2. so pretty! xxx