Selfridges Lucky Bag

So, I'm a little bit late with this, sorry! But, a few weeks ago, I ordered one of the limited edition Selfridges Lucky Bags, I ordered one as soon as I woke up, thinking they would be like the beauty boxes they did  a few months ago that sold out almost instantly, I checked later on that day and these were still there so I don't think they were quite as popular. To be honest, I was massively disappointed with mine initially, One of my items was a packet of tissues (!!) and another I had already received in my Glossybox that month, so I complained to Selfridges, mainly about my 5th item being some tissues and the fact that it took nearly a week to deliver mine and they ended up giving me a good will gesture of a gift certificate which I think was actually really good of them so I have kind of forgiven them.....I think! 

This James Read Wash Off Tan doesn't really interest me at all to be honest, I'm not really into fake tan, I swatched this on my hand, couldn't really see any colour pay off and it stained my finger where i'd rubbed it in.I quite like the design of the bottle though.

I couldn't believe it when I pulled these out of the bag, it's a bizarre design as well.

I was a bit shocked when I first saw this, the colour is quite out there for me, I'm more of a nude/neutral lip colour kinda gal! But I'd wanted to try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for ages, and especially the Lip Tars, I love the packaging, love the colour and love the smell, it's got a kind of minty smell, but it's the kind of minty that reminds me of Aero's rather than toothpaste, will be doing a separate review of this in full with swatches.

I already had one of these in my Glossybox, I've only used it once or twice but I actually quite like it so it's quite handy to have another one, useful for travelling, will put a full review up once I've given this a proper test.

Finally, I got this, which initially I wasn't that fussed about, but I smelt this and it's actually lovely, it's a very strong and quite a herbal scent but it's lovely, I haven't actually tried this yet but I think it would be good as a morning shower gel, it's definitely got a "wake you up" element to it. 

So, that's everything I got, looking at the items now, they're OK, but there no different to what I would get in my Glossybox which is nearly £10 cheaper and I just expected more from Selfridges, I do think it was good of them to give me a gift voucher though and they had a great customer service team which is good to see! 

Did you guys get one of these Lucky Bags? What were yours like? 

Soph xx

HAUL : Boots, Space NK, Paperchase & Lidl

So another Haul post here, I went into town yesterday with the intention of buying a new camera, but I'm so rubbish I came home with some lip balm, a George Foreman grill, a glue gun and some eyeliner and no camera, hey ho, next weekend! So here's what I bought, I also did quite a bit of online shopping this week so I'll do another post with the stuff from that!

I picked this Stag and the little baby deer up in Paperchase - I couldn't resist them, They're meant as Christmas decorations but I think these will be an all year round ornament for me - This was £4.75

This is the the cutest little thing, I think it was£2.50 and I have another one that is all purple glitter...but just look at those tiny little silver glitter hooves - LOVE! 

So, I tested a pen liquid liner in Boots last week and fell in love with it, but my mum needed to go so I had to ditch it and run but I can't for the life of me remember which one it was, I don't think it was this one to be honest so I'm hoping it will be OK - This is the Maybelline Master Precise liner and it was £5.99

I've wanted to try this for so long after reading all the reviews about it but I always forget to buy it when I'm in Space NK but I eventually picked it up, I'll be doing a separate post on this but I already love it, it's £9.50 which does seem pricey but you get a lot of product.

I was waiting for a taxi home yesterday outside of Lidl and they said they were going to be 20 minutes so I decided to have a little look around inside and found this, it's a glue gun which is a little bit random but it was only £8 and it's so useful for crafts and stuff so I'm very happy with this!

And finally, I've heard some quite good things about this so decided to pick it, I think it was £4.99, I'll probably do a separate review on this once I've tried it! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Soph xx

Avene Micellar Water

I think I have to be one of the few people that blog about beauty that hasn’t yet tried the Bioderma Micellar water (despite spending a day wondering around Barcelona on a recent holiday trying to hunt some down) but I have been using the Avene Micellar water for the past couple of months and I absolutely love it. Prior to moving onto this cleanser, I have to admit I used to be a bit of a face wipe obsessive, and they just really don’t do anything for your skin, I couldn’t for the life of me work out recently, why my normally perfectly clear skin kept breaking out and since moving to the Avene Micellar water, I now realise that face wipes just don’t give a deep enough clean, especially when I'm constantly trying new make up and putting on and taking off makeup. 
My main reason for using face wipes was how quick and easy they were but to be honest, it’s hardly time consuming putting some of this onto a cotton wool pad and wiping around the face, it’s also strangely satisfying watching all the dirt come off and the cotton wool pads getting cleaner and cleaner. I‘ve always loved Avene products, they’re amazing for my sensitive skin and really work, it’s not the cheapest range but I’d rather pay extra and know what i’m getting and it's not as expensive as some other brands. This comes in a 200ml bottle, which I find tends to last me about 2 months, I really am a little bit in love with this and can’t believe I haven’t used this sooner, my face feels so clean after using this, it’s slightly tacky straight after but once it dries, it feels super clean and baby soft and there's absolutely no irritation with my skin, if anything, it's looking a lot less sensitive and clear.
 You can pick this up in most boots for around £12.50. 
Have you tried this or the Bioderma? What are your thoughts, I'm interested to see if people prefer the Bioderma over this?
Soph x

NOTD: Essie Lovie Dovie Dotty Nails

Hi Guys, 

A super quick NOTD post here for you, I love this look, very girly, very cute, very barbie, it definitely cheers me up with this not very nice weather we're having at the minute. I used Essie's "Lovie Dovie" as the base pink colour, this nail polish is almost identical to Nails Inc "Brompton Place", which is an absolute favourite of mine, but it's a couple of pounds cheaper and I prefer the brushes on the Essie polishes so finding this was a bit of a win for me. I used Models Own "Snow White" to do the dots and topped with Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat which smooth's down the dots and gives it an even look to the nail.
I will do a separate post on the dotting tools and the different kinds of looks you can get with them but I picked mine up from Amazon for about £2-£3.

The pictures below were taken 2 or 3 days after doing this mani as well so it is starting to chop slightly at the edges....sorry! 

What do you think of this NOTD? 

Soph x

HAUL : Topshop / Primark

Hi Guys,

So, I haven't done one of these post's before but as I spend most Saturdays wondering around my local town buying things I don't really need, I figured it might be good to start posting them here goes!

I know every one went mad for these Geek t-shirts when they first hit Topshop a couple of months ago and I spotted that they were back in yesterday, I love it though, it's nice and baggy and I like the rolled up sleeves, I am a bit of a geek as well so quite apt for me! They had this in a burgundy red or this forest green but they have a really nice Blue colour in the Petite section but it just looked a bit too short for me, this was £18.

Next up are these little shorts, I'm not quite sure what "Cheeky Shorts" are but I'm guessing they're short shorts! But I quite liked the pattern on these, nice and christmassy and they match my duvet cover as well! Win! These were £3 I think from Primark.

Next up are these leggings, they have a kind of cable knit pattern on them and are super soft, I also liked the colour and picked these up for just lounging around the house, these were quite a bargain at £6 I thought, these are from Primark again.

This snood (I love that word) was only £4 from Primark, and as I love anything stripy, I picked it up, the winey red colour also matches my hat but they have a navy and cream version of this as well that I really liked. Again, this feels super soft so it's nice and cosy for winter.

I also got these Baxter jeans for £40 in the hopes that they would be similar to the Jamie or the Leigh jeans but they're not, the ankles on these are huge so just didn't suit me and I also got the wrong length so I just look a bit ridiculous in them, I really like the colour of these jeans though but they will unfortunately going back.

And that's it, surprisingly I didn't get any makeup or beauty stuff today, that's normally the only thing I come back with. 

Do you guys like haul posts? 

Soph xx

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb - La Vie en Rose

Arghhhhh, I just updated my Blogger app on my iPhone and have managed to delete the post I'd written about this trying to publish it!! Grrrrr....Aaaanyway, I wanted to put up a post today about Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose, I posted recently about the original one (here) but wanted to talk about this one. As a rule, I don't really tend to go for the variations of different fragrances, I tend to normally just like the original ones, but this one was a gift, My mum originally bought this for herself but when she put it on, she thought it was a bit "young" for her, I disagree, I think it's quite a good scent for all ages but hey, I got a free bottle of perfume out of it!

So this is a lighter version of the original Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and not one I would have gone for myself but I absolutely love it, Initially when you first spray it, it doesn't remind me of the original at all but as the scent starts to settle, you can definitely tell they're similar, this one has quite a strong floral scent and is a little bit fresher smelling than the original Flowerbomb, and you can definitely tell that it has rose in it, which is always a winner for me. This is the Eau de Toilette version so it is a bit of a lighter smell to the other one I have which is an Eau de Parfum and is quite a strong scent and can mean that you have to spray a little bit more throughout the day. I prefer the bottle of this to the original one, it's a much brighter pink, glass bottle and really stands out amongst my other perfume bottles.

You can pick this up in most department stores and is around £42 for a 50ml bottle.

Have you guys tried this one?

Soph xx

Barry M Red Glitter Nail Polish

Another amazingly imaginative Nail Polish name from Barry M here, I'd like you to meet Red Glitter, this has to be one of my all time favourite polishes, I first got this 3 or 4 years ago around Christmas time and now it’s my “go-to” nail polish when I start to get that Christmas feeling, it immediately put's me in the mood, this, Snow Fairy from Lush and Starbuck's Red Cup's IS Christmas to me.
It’s a beautiful red glitter that gives really good coverage and dries slightly matte but goes mega shiny when you put a top coat on it so you can do either look.  It’s so sparkly and pretty as well, It just is Christmas in a bottle to me.
Like with most glitter’s this does dry to quite a rough finish so you do need 2 or 3 coats of top coat to get a smooth finish, I find it only lasts a day or two before chipping but it always seem to only be a little chipping at the edges so it can be covered up quite easily. I apply this on top of a red base coat, in the picture's below, I used OPI's Thanks So Muchness! Which is a really pretty super shimmer-y red colour.

I'm struggling to get a picture that does justice to this polish, but I honestly recommend you buying it, once it's on, it's a showstopper!

Are you guys excited for Christmas? Any other christmas-y polishes I should know about? 

Soph xx

Essie Bikini So Teeny

Ohmigosh, I forgot I had this - How pretty is this nail colour? Essie's Bikini So Teeny, I know this is a mega popular shade and I'm way late to the game on this, I read about it back in August, went and bought it from the Boots collection at the end of the summer, forgot about it and then re-found it and fell in love. It's a kind of cornflower blue colour that's almost lilac as well with a hint of sparkle in it, the sparkle is more evident in the bottle though than when it's applied. It gives great coverage and has good lasting power, I find I only need 2 coats of this and I get a good 3-4 days before there is any signs of wear and tear.

This is £7.99 from Boots.

Soph x