Avene Micellar Water

I think I have to be one of the few people that blog about beauty that hasn’t yet tried the Bioderma Micellar water (despite spending a day wondering around Barcelona on a recent holiday trying to hunt some down) but I have been using the Avene Micellar water for the past couple of months and I absolutely love it. Prior to moving onto this cleanser, I have to admit I used to be a bit of a face wipe obsessive, and they just really don’t do anything for your skin, I couldn’t for the life of me work out recently, why my normally perfectly clear skin kept breaking out and since moving to the Avene Micellar water, I now realise that face wipes just don’t give a deep enough clean, especially when I'm constantly trying new make up and putting on and taking off makeup. 
My main reason for using face wipes was how quick and easy they were but to be honest, it’s hardly time consuming putting some of this onto a cotton wool pad and wiping around the face, it’s also strangely satisfying watching all the dirt come off and the cotton wool pads getting cleaner and cleaner. I‘ve always loved Avene products, they’re amazing for my sensitive skin and really work, it’s not the cheapest range but I’d rather pay extra and know what i’m getting and it's not as expensive as some other brands. This comes in a 200ml bottle, which I find tends to last me about 2 months, I really am a little bit in love with this and can’t believe I haven’t used this sooner, my face feels so clean after using this, it’s slightly tacky straight after but once it dries, it feels super clean and baby soft and there's absolutely no irritation with my skin, if anything, it's looking a lot less sensitive and clear.
 You can pick this up in most boots for around £12.50. 
Have you tried this or the Bioderma? What are your thoughts, I'm interested to see if people prefer the Bioderma over this?
Soph x

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  3. This looks really interesting, think I might give it a go!

    Thanks for the review :)