Selfridges Lucky Bag

So, I'm a little bit late with this, sorry! But, a few weeks ago, I ordered one of the limited edition Selfridges Lucky Bags, I ordered one as soon as I woke up, thinking they would be like the beauty boxes they did  a few months ago that sold out almost instantly, I checked later on that day and these were still there so I don't think they were quite as popular. To be honest, I was massively disappointed with mine initially, One of my items was a packet of tissues (!!) and another I had already received in my Glossybox that month, so I complained to Selfridges, mainly about my 5th item being some tissues and the fact that it took nearly a week to deliver mine and they ended up giving me a good will gesture of a gift certificate which I think was actually really good of them so I have kind of forgiven them.....I think! 

This James Read Wash Off Tan doesn't really interest me at all to be honest, I'm not really into fake tan, I swatched this on my hand, couldn't really see any colour pay off and it stained my finger where i'd rubbed it in.I quite like the design of the bottle though.

I couldn't believe it when I pulled these out of the bag, it's a bizarre design as well.

I was a bit shocked when I first saw this, the colour is quite out there for me, I'm more of a nude/neutral lip colour kinda gal! But I'd wanted to try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for ages, and especially the Lip Tars, I love the packaging, love the colour and love the smell, it's got a kind of minty smell, but it's the kind of minty that reminds me of Aero's rather than toothpaste, will be doing a separate review of this in full with swatches.

I already had one of these in my Glossybox, I've only used it once or twice but I actually quite like it so it's quite handy to have another one, useful for travelling, will put a full review up once I've given this a proper test.

Finally, I got this, which initially I wasn't that fussed about, but I smelt this and it's actually lovely, it's a very strong and quite a herbal scent but it's lovely, I haven't actually tried this yet but I think it would be good as a morning shower gel, it's definitely got a "wake you up" element to it. 

So, that's everything I got, looking at the items now, they're OK, but there no different to what I would get in my Glossybox which is nearly £10 cheaper and I just expected more from Selfridges, I do think it was good of them to give me a gift voucher though and they had a great customer service team which is good to see! 

Did you guys get one of these Lucky Bags? What were yours like? 

Soph xx
5 comments on "Selfridges Lucky Bag"
  1. I didn't get one and to be honest I'm glad I didn't. I understand why you were miffed, thanks for the review, xoxo.

  2. Nice review! and i love your blog! xx

  3. Looks like a good one this month! So tempted to sign up! X

  4. I've heard so much about the daily microfoliant, looking forward to your review!

    Great blog btw!

    1. Thanks lovely! Will be putting a review up soon of the microfoliant! xx