WISHLIST // Week #5

Untitled #5

Sooo,this was supposed to happen every week but which worked for a month, then I got a puppy and my life turned upside down, I honestly didn't think it was going to be as hard as it was, it's been lots of sleepless nights and saying "NO!" so far but it's also been lots of cuddles on the couch and general cuteness so it's definitelt worth it! I plan on doing some more posts on the puppy soon so keep your eyes peeled! Ok, onto this week's wishlist, I feel like this sums up my head at the minute, Puppy, Pyjama's, Make-Up and pretending summer isn't ending with the dress and tea cups! Having said that, I'm also all about embracing the autumn, I'm looking forward to dog walks with crispy leaves and hot chocolate!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and have a good week! 

Soph x

REVIEW // Radox Passion Fruit Splash

A shower gel post for you today - exciting times, I hear you cry! I first picked this Radox Passion Fruit Splash up on a whim about a year ago, the yellow and purple packaging drew me in, i'm like a magpie, drawn to anything shiny and bright, but it was the smell that made me buy this, it smelt so familiar and I couldn't work out why, it was fresh, fruity and sweet but quite refreshing as well and then a few days later, it hit me that it smells EXACTLY like the Ralph Lauren 2 Fragrance from the Big Ponies collection, it's really, really similar and so refreshing for the shower. I love that perfume but just don't reach for it that often, I'm a Viktor + Rolf FlowerBomb girl through and through and it causes me pain when I even think about wearing another perfume despite  the mountains of perfumes that I have! So it's nice to be able to get a hit of this scent in the shower instead. 

I'm not going to into the in's and out's of this because at the end of the day, this is just a basic shower gel but the scent comes from Passion Fruit and Tangerine Oil, which has me thinking of sunny summer days and it leaves me feeling fresh and clean with a scent that lingers subtly on my skin throughout the day. I quite often see this on special offer for around the £1 which is pretty good for a shower gel, it's definitely one that I'll re-purchase when I next need to buy a shower gel!

You can find this in most chemists and supermarkets but I've just found it here for £1.

Have you tried this?

Soph x

P.S - I sure hope you like Shower Gels, because despite the fact that they don't overly excite me, I have about another 3 to write about! 

LIFE // Introducing Dixie

A very quick post for you today to introduce the new light of my life, my 9 week old Tibetan Terrier Puppy, Dixie. I've had Dixie for around a week now and I literally adore her, she's so full of energy and has so much character that everyone that meets her immediately falls in love with her, I had her in my arms yesterday while walking down the road and someone actually stopped the car to coo over her, she's definitely loving all the attention she's getting. We've always had Tibetan Terriers in our family, my mum has two older Tibetans that are 8 years old and she's just about to pick up a 4 month old Tibetan boy called Greg next week.

It's definitely been a hard week so far, having a puppy is a lot like having a baby, sleepless nights, early mornings, teething, timed feeds and toilet mistakes but it's definitely worth it when you see a happy little face staring up at you in the morning! I'm thinking of doing a little weekly update to share some of the highlights/lowlights from that week with regards to training and how she's settling in so let me know if that's something that would interest you!

Hope you enjoy, get ready for plenty of Dixie pictures! 

Soph x

REVIEW // MAC PaintPot - Bare Study

I’m  pretty sure this MAC PaintPot has been written about a million times but I just wanted to throw my thoughts on this out there. I picked this up quite a while ago and it was my first real delve into MAC products for a little while, I used to be obsessed with the eyeshadows as a teenager but fell out of love with the brand, I think because they're not very easy for me to get hold of where I live and I think because there's almost too much choice, I was never quite sure what to pick. I was torn between this and Vintage Selection which is a bit of a deeper colour and probably a little bit more "me" to be honest, but I ended up picking up Bare Study because it was the one I had originally gone in to get and I wanted something a little bit different and quite neutral. 

It’s a very pretty champagne colour, it is slightly frosty although not overly blue toned and is the perfect base for a smoky eye (one of the other reason’s I wanted it) and for most colours to be honest because it is quite neutral. I wanted to be able to wear this alone for work and then throw a few darker colours on and be able to work it into more of a night time look which I have to say I’m suitably impressed with, on it's own, wear time isn't great and lasts only a couple of hours before creasing but if I stick another colour on over the top, in particular a powder shadow, wear time for me is increased to about 6-8 hours without creasing, it almost locks the colour in, I really love this paired with Urban Decay's YDK, the two colours work so well together. I do have quite oily eye lids (it sounds weird writing that!) so my eye makeup does have a bit of a tendency to move around during the day but this does last really well.

Any other shades I should be checking out from MAC?

Soph xx

REVIEW // Alpha H Micro Cleanse

I've been trying this Alpha H Micro Cleanse out for the past few weeks, since buying this set on QVC. Initially this was probably the product I was least excited about, I personally hadn't seen any rave reviews about it and it just wasn't a product that had ever been on my radar, I bought the set after seeing it advertised with the . After first use though, I was completely in love with it, it's a mixture of both manual (micro beads) and chemical exfoliation (Glycolic Acid), now while both of those sound quite scary, this has actually worked incredibly well with my quite sensitive skin, after first use, my skin was the tiniest bit red but it died down within a minute or two and my skin was left super soft, I honestly haven't found a product that has left my skin feeling this baby soft before to the point that I kept trying to wash the product off my face because it felt so smooth it felt like there was still a layer of product on there, it literally buffs away all the crap dead skin cells leaving a completely smooth, clear base.

Instructions on this recommend to use this twice a week, I err on the side of caution and would probably only use twice a week if my skin is bad, once if it's not too bad, but honestly for the past month or two my skin has been in really good condition, no break outs, quite glowy and no major oily or dry patches, I have changed up my skincare routine quite a lot recently so I can't pin point it to this product in particular but I really do think it has helped a lot with the whole process. This comes int the form of a creamy cleanser with tiny little gritty beads that aid with the manual exfoliation and the product itself has 12% Glycolic Acid, there's also Macadamia Oil, Cucumber Extract and Peppermint oil listed in the ingredients, the peppermint oil adds a soothing and refreshing feel and is the main scent of the product, it's a nice little extra kick to help you wake up in the morning. I love the packaging of all the Alpha H Products at the minute, white, black and grey with a geometric logo, what's not to love eh? 

This normally costs around £24.50 for 100ml, but you can get 2 x 100ml tubes on QVC for £28.50, which is really good value I think, although I bought it as part of this set that I saw advertised on Caroline Hirons blog for £36 which is also a really good deal considering that the 3 products work out at over £90 individually (the eye complex alone is £34). 

Soph x

REVIEW // Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser

The product I'm talking about today isn't the kind of product that I can say has changed my world, but it is a really lovely product to use, It's the Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser, the wash off version, which is just a super simple cleanser to be honest, it's very light but still cleans deep and isn't too stripping, and as the name suggests, this is very gentle so it's perfect for sensitive skins as most Avene products are. I tend to use this either in the shower in the morning or with my Foreo Luna Mini and it actually works very nicely with this, I think because it is so gentle, the two work quite nicely together to exfoliate the skin. I can suffer sometimes from changing up my skincare routine, my skin reacts to new things being added to the mix but I've had no issues with this product at all. It's got a faint soapy smell which worried me initially because soap does not work well with my skin, it literally just strips it of everything and leaves it incredibly sensitive but this is very mild so my skin didn't have any reactions to it.

I can suffer a little from Eczema if I'm not careful in the winter months when it gets particularly cold so I think this will be a great addition if I do get a flare up because it's not the type of product that's going to irritate my skin, it's also a good one for if you're suffering from a breakout because again, there isn't anything in this that is likely to cause irritation but it will still clean deep. This is targeted at normal to combination skin but my skin is going through a dry spell at the minute and it hasn't caused any additional dryness so it should work well on dry skin types too. Packaging wise, this comes in the standard Avene packaging, frosted plastic bottle with the Orange & Green Avene branding, It's a pump bottle as well which dispenses the perfect amount of product and is useful when stumbling around in the morning. I think this would be a good cleanser for boys as well, packaging is neutral, it's scent is soapy rather than being too feminine and the pump adds extra convenience so if you're looking to get your boyfriend into looking after there skin, this could be a good one.

This is normally £11.50 but I found it here for £9.20 

Have you tried this?

Soph x