REVIEW // MAC PaintPot - Bare Study

I’m  pretty sure this MAC PaintPot has been written about a million times but I just wanted to throw my thoughts on this out there. I picked this up quite a while ago and it was my first real delve into MAC products for a little while, I used to be obsessed with the eyeshadows as a teenager but fell out of love with the brand, I think because they're not very easy for me to get hold of where I live and I think because there's almost too much choice, I was never quite sure what to pick. I was torn between this and Vintage Selection which is a bit of a deeper colour and probably a little bit more "me" to be honest, but I ended up picking up Bare Study because it was the one I had originally gone in to get and I wanted something a little bit different and quite neutral. 

It’s a very pretty champagne colour, it is slightly frosty although not overly blue toned and is the perfect base for a smoky eye (one of the other reason’s I wanted it) and for most colours to be honest because it is quite neutral. I wanted to be able to wear this alone for work and then throw a few darker colours on and be able to work it into more of a night time look which I have to say I’m suitably impressed with, on it's own, wear time isn't great and lasts only a couple of hours before creasing but if I stick another colour on over the top, in particular a powder shadow, wear time for me is increased to about 6-8 hours without creasing, it almost locks the colour in, I really love this paired with Urban Decay's YDK, the two colours work so well together. I do have quite oily eye lids (it sounds weird writing that!) so my eye makeup does have a bit of a tendency to move around during the day but this does last really well.

Any other shades I should be checking out from MAC?

Soph xx

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  1. I have never tried MAC PaintPots but I am very intrigued! This looks like a lovely shade :)



  2. I really recommend Painterly as a paint pot! I liked it a lot more than bare study as it just makes for a good base :)

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