HAUL : Topshop, Poundland & Whole Foods Market

Happy Sunday Everyone!!  

Another little Haul for you - this is becoming a bit of a regular thang now on a Sunday. As I normally do, I went for a little mooch around town yesterday and picked up a few pieces, nothing overly exciting but I thought I'd put them up anyway. I actually picked up the candle at the end a few weeks ago but forgot to post it in last weeks haul. 

Hope you're all having a good Sunday, I'm off to watch Grey's Anatomy now, how I have not watched this programme before, I do not know, it's brilliant! 

Soph xx

Topshop Jamie Jeans - £40

These are my all time favourite jeans, they're super skinny and a bit of a thicker material than the Leigh jeans but I 100% love these more than the Leigh ones, especially in Winter because they're just that bit warmer and feel a bit sturdier! I got these black ones that have a hint of navy blue running through them.

Hello Kitty Plasters - Poundland - £1

These were just too cute to resist, I have a stash of these in my handbag in case of emergency!

Nail Art Decoration Kit - Poundland - £1 

I got 2 packs of these, these pretty little butterfly nail art pieces, I don't know what these are actually made of but it reminds me of Fimo (do you guys remember that?) They're tiny little 3D pieces that stick onto the nail with whatever polish you're wearing, I now have a few of these kits and they are AMAZING for a £1. You get a selection of colours of the butterflies and it also comes with a little wooden stick for applying and a nail file (these are nothing to write home about.) 

Nail Art Decoration Kit - Poundland - £1 

I also picked this one up which are pretty little Jewels in all shapes and sizes, I definitely recommend getting to Poundland and picking some of these kits up if you're into your nail art.

Pacifica Satsuma Candle - Whole Foods Market - £16 (on Sale for £8) 

I'm going to do a separate post on this but this is quite literally to die for, it smells so good! 

Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

I absolutely love Barry M Nail polishes, the range of colours and quality of the polish for the price is great, for the bargain price of £2.99. I especially love the Ice Cream range which is a whole range of pretty pastel polishes, Berry Ice Cream - review here - will always be my favourite and to be honest, it's probably one of my all time favourite polishes, and believe me, I have a lot of nail polishes, but one that I'm loving at the minute is this Blueberry Ice Cream, a vibrant sky blue colour, this lasts a good 3 days without chipping and you could probably get away with applying just one coat of this, I applied two though just to be on the safe side. Finally, I used Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat and away we go. 

I'm gonna do this colour again soon and do a silver tip, I think this colour would look amazing with Silver, so I'll post it up once I've done it! 

What do you think? 

Soph x

Haul: Jack Wills, Selfridges, Boots & Gilly Hicks

I thought i'd post up a little haul for you guys today, I thought I had actually posted this up a few weeks ago so it's a little late - sorry! I was going to do a little January Sales haul but I forgot to take pics of everything in my typical forgetful fashion, so this is just a few things I've picked up along the way in January! 

I'm going to go and spend the rest of the day playing in the snow, it's just started snowing again here and it looks so pretty! I turn into the biggest kid when it starts to snow and just want to run around in the park building snowmen and throwing snowballs!

Are you guys loving the snow?

Soph xx

Jack Wills PJ Shorts - £22 (Sale)

I love these shorts, they're a really thick flannel material and come with an elasticated waist and a little travel bag. I have the long length version of these as well (I picked those up for £19 in the sale I think.)

Antipodes Reincarnation Exfoliator - Selfridges - £21

I picked this up on a bit of a whim, I wanted an exfoliator, I wanted to try some Antipodes stuff so I went for this and absolutely love it, I'll be posting a full review of this soon!

Soap & Glory Cream & Soaper - Boots - £5 (On Sale)

I have a review scheduled for this but I absolutely love these Soap & Glory Soap & Hand Cream sets, you can buy them separately as well, but when you get hold of them in the Boots January sale, it's an absolute bargain!

Striped PJ Trousers - Gilly Hicks - £12

You might have guessed that I have a bit of a Gilly Hicks addiction but they have great quality clothes on sale all the time and it's so cheap. You can probably also guess that I have a bit of a PJ addiction :)

Yachts of Fun T-Shirt - Gilly Hicks - £12

I picked this up as well when I bought the PJ trousers, I loved the print, I grew up by the sea so I love anything Sea/Beach related. 

Timotei Pure Dry Shampoo

I was hoping to tell you all how much I loved this dry shampoo but after trying it several times and in various ways I just can't seem to get along with it at all, I normally use the batiste dry shampoo's but I've been on the hunt for a different one because although they leave my hair looking fresher, I'm not a fan of the powdery residue they leave behind so when I saw this in my local Sainsburys I nearly jumped for joy, I'm a big fan of Timotei and have been excited that they seem to be widely available again but this just really doesn't work for me, it leaves my hair feeling like I've loaded it up with hairspray, it's that kind of sticky texture and it doesn't leave it looking or feeling any better, it's got quite a nice scent, kind of fresh, dry shampoo's tend to have a bit of a musky or sweet scent but this one is a lot more subtle, but to be honest, that's a bit pointless in the grand scheme of things.

I don't know whether it's down to something that I'm doing but I've tried applying close to the roots, far away, lightly spray and spraying on loads but every time I seem to end up with the hairspray texture. It's such a shame because I love their regular shampoo and I love the fact that the whole range is 100% paraben, silicone and colourant free. If you want to give this a shot, it's £3.69 and available at most supermarkets.

Have you guys used this? What are your thoughts?

Soph xx

p.s Sorry for the stock image but I've managed to even lose this somewhere in my house which shows my total lack of love for it.

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Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion

A bit of a boring post here but I wanted to share my daily body moisturiser with you in case it helps any of you. I suffer from dry skin and have had eczema since I was a baby, I only ever get it on my arms or my neck really or on on my hands in the winter, but I've managed to control it by keeping my skin moisturised, when my skin is dry and when the weather turns colder, it really flares up and once I get an outbreak it's so difficult to rein it back in without using cream prescribed by the doctor. I use this cream daily though to try and curb it, I've gone through so many different types of moisturisers that work and can moisturise my skin but they can also have a tendency to irritate my skin sometimes. This particular lotion however, is great, it's un-fragranced and hypoallergenic and it moisturises my skin without being overly greasy but giving just enough to keep my skin from drying up, alot of moisturisers I've used in the past have a bit of a tendency to sit on the surface of my skin for a while, which although feels nice initially, irritates my skin too much so this really is the perfect consistency for giving me exactly the right amount of moisture.

They do several versions of this and none of them actually irritate my skin which is quite amazing but I do try and stick to the un-fragranced version just to be on the safe side. This has a lotion texture and is quite runny which I was surprised at because I tend to find lotions are a bit watery normally and don't give enough moisture but it's not the case with this, they do a  cream version of this which comes in a pot which has more of a body butter texture but personally I prefer the lotion, the cream version of this, if you prefer though, is hypo-allergenic as well and comes in a fragranced and un-fragranced version.

I do get swayed by shinier, nice smelling creams sometimes but I always come back to this one because I know it really does suit my skin when I get a flare up and won't cause any more irritation. I definitely recommend this if you have sensitive skin or like me, get eczema. You can pick this up in most chemists from around £2.99.

Soph xx

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Nuxe Reve de Miel Lipbalm

So, initially, I HATED this lip balm which was a complete shock to me, I'd been so excited to try it after constantly reading amazing reviews and I am a huge lip balm hoarder, partly the reason it's taken me so long to try it, is that I literally have so many lip balms that spending £10 on one just seemed a bit crazy, so anyway, yes, The first few days of trying this I was mega disappointed, the day after using this for the first time, my lips felt intensely dry and started flaking and I couldn't work out why, looking back, I now realise that it was probably due to the cold weather and may just have been the change in products and my lips getting used to it but it meant that there wasn't a whole lot of love from me with this but I persevered and now I have a huge crush on it, I'm constantly shoving it under peoples nose (friends and family, not random people....yet!) and telling them to smell it, it's delish, like chocolate-y, vanilla-y orange - literal heaven.

I also couldn't get used to the texture of this initially, it's very rich and almost sits on top of the lips for a while before it sinks in, but again, now, I love that aspect of it, it really feels like it's giving my lips a good dose of moisture, I only tend to use this now two to three times a day whereas with other balms, I reapply way more frequently than that, normally hourly. This comes in a nice chunky frosted glass pot with a white lid with the Nuxe branding on the glass, it's also quite a big pot so I have a feeling it will last for a while. It feels quite solid in the pot as well initially, you kind of have to work it and apply quite a lot of product to get it to work.

I know that there's a stick version of this that I want to try as well, it's a little cheaper and I'm intrigued as to whether it will be as good as this because I think it will be difficult to replicate the buttery balm like texture of this one. I picked my version of this up in Space NK for £9.50 but I also just received one in a French Pharmacy giveaway from the lovely Liana  (post to come soon on that giveaway) so I will be keeping one in my bag and one in the car for emergencies.

What are your thoughts on this one?

Soph xx

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I was recently contacted by the nice people at Firmoo to see if I wanted to try some of their glasses. I've only recently gotten into buying glasses online, I used to be a dedicated specsavers fan but the prices are crazy compared to what you can get online, especially when you have your prescription anyway so when Firmoo contacted me, I jumped at the chance to try them out.

I was honestly pleasantly surprised with them, it took around 7 days from ordering them for the glasses to arrive and when they did they came with a hard case, a soft case, a glass cloth cleaner (I've lost this already but it was pink and really good at cleaning the glasses!) and a little repair kit with a mini key ring screwdriver and some little screws in case anything goes wrong with the glasses which is incredibly handy and really impressed me, it's really annoying when the little screws in glasses go wrong trying to find the right size screws and a little screwdriver drives me mad so I tend to just throw the glasses away when they get to that point so this little kit is a bit of a life saver. The glasses themselves are really nice as well and feel like good quality, I went for some chunky black frames, I can't see them on the site anymore thought unfortunately to link them up, but these ones look quite similar!

Finally, Firmoo are doing a first pair free programme at the minute for you to try them out for yourselves at the moment, so I definitely recommend if you're looking for glasses.

Have you guys used Firmoo before? What are your thoughts?

Soph x

Rimmel Kate Moss #101

I'm not a big lipstick fan which is why you won't have seen many posts on the blog, if any, covering lipsticks, I tend to go heavier with eye makeup and have more of a neutral lip, I'm also slightly lip balm obsessed and love having soft, moisturised lips. However, recently, I've started to be a bit more daring with colour and have wanted to rock a Red lip, why I couldn't have picked more of a neutral colour to get me started with lipsticks, I don't know, But, I heard lots about the Rimmel Kate Moss range so I went out and picked this colour up, it's #101 in the Matte range, I love the packaging, bright red with Kate's signature scrawled across the lid, I also love the price, I picked this up in Boots for £5.49 which is quite a bargain really. The colour doesn't 100% suit me I don't think, I'm blonde and quite pale so it's difficult to find the right shade, I think a deeper red would suit me better but for a start, I'm happy with this. The formula is very moisturising, which I was pleasantly surprised at, I don't know why, but in my head Lipsticks are quite drying, not the case with this, plus, it smells like sweets, very yummy.

Do you guys have any lipstick recommendations for a newbie?

Soph xx

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