Haul: Jack Wills, Selfridges, Boots & Gilly Hicks

I thought i'd post up a little haul for you guys today, I thought I had actually posted this up a few weeks ago so it's a little late - sorry! I was going to do a little January Sales haul but I forgot to take pics of everything in my typical forgetful fashion, so this is just a few things I've picked up along the way in January! 

I'm going to go and spend the rest of the day playing in the snow, it's just started snowing again here and it looks so pretty! I turn into the biggest kid when it starts to snow and just want to run around in the park building snowmen and throwing snowballs!

Are you guys loving the snow?

Soph xx

Jack Wills PJ Shorts - £22 (Sale)

I love these shorts, they're a really thick flannel material and come with an elasticated waist and a little travel bag. I have the long length version of these as well (I picked those up for £19 in the sale I think.)

Antipodes Reincarnation Exfoliator - Selfridges - £21

I picked this up on a bit of a whim, I wanted an exfoliator, I wanted to try some Antipodes stuff so I went for this and absolutely love it, I'll be posting a full review of this soon!

Soap & Glory Cream & Soaper - Boots - £5 (On Sale)

I have a review scheduled for this but I absolutely love these Soap & Glory Soap & Hand Cream sets, you can buy them separately as well, but when you get hold of them in the Boots January sale, it's an absolute bargain!

Striped PJ Trousers - Gilly Hicks - £12

You might have guessed that I have a bit of a Gilly Hicks addiction but they have great quality clothes on sale all the time and it's so cheap. You can probably also guess that I have a bit of a PJ addiction :)

Yachts of Fun T-Shirt - Gilly Hicks - £12

I picked this up as well when I bought the PJ trousers, I loved the print, I grew up by the sea so I love anything Sea/Beach related. 

3 comments on "Haul: Jack Wills, Selfridges, Boots & Gilly Hicks"
  1. the gilly hicks tee is cute


  2. i love the tshirt :) i've never been in gilly hicks/ even heard of it! so cute :)

    i know its clique but i love jack wills toooo, their hoodies are lush! XXX


  3. Look forward to your antipodes review. x