Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion

A bit of a boring post here but I wanted to share my daily body moisturiser with you in case it helps any of you. I suffer from dry skin and have had eczema since I was a baby, I only ever get it on my arms or my neck really or on on my hands in the winter, but I've managed to control it by keeping my skin moisturised, when my skin is dry and when the weather turns colder, it really flares up and once I get an outbreak it's so difficult to rein it back in without using cream prescribed by the doctor. I use this cream daily though to try and curb it, I've gone through so many different types of moisturisers that work and can moisturise my skin but they can also have a tendency to irritate my skin sometimes. This particular lotion however, is great, it's un-fragranced and hypoallergenic and it moisturises my skin without being overly greasy but giving just enough to keep my skin from drying up, alot of moisturisers I've used in the past have a bit of a tendency to sit on the surface of my skin for a while, which although feels nice initially, irritates my skin too much so this really is the perfect consistency for giving me exactly the right amount of moisture.

They do several versions of this and none of them actually irritate my skin which is quite amazing but I do try and stick to the un-fragranced version just to be on the safe side. This has a lotion texture and is quite runny which I was surprised at because I tend to find lotions are a bit watery normally and don't give enough moisture but it's not the case with this, they do a  cream version of this which comes in a pot which has more of a body butter texture but personally I prefer the lotion, the cream version of this, if you prefer though, is hypo-allergenic as well and comes in a fragranced and un-fragranced version.

I do get swayed by shinier, nice smelling creams sometimes but I always come back to this one because I know it really does suit my skin when I get a flare up and won't cause any more irritation. I definitely recommend this if you have sensitive skin or like me, get eczema. You can pick this up in most chemists from around £2.99.

Soph xx

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