BOOK REVIEW // The Winters - Lisa Gabriele

I was really excited to read The Winters and was very happy when I was sent a copy to review, it felt like it was going to be the perfect read in the runup to Halloween and it turned out it was, there's no denying the opening line “Last night Rebekah tried to murder me again” is striking and lures you in. I ended up reading this one in a day or two as I flicked through eager to see what was going to happen, the story follows an orphaned and unnamed narrator as she falls for the older, wealthy New York Senator and recently widowed, Max Winters as he holidays in the Cayman Islands, Max is charming yet somewhat damaged having recently lost his wife Rebekah, mother of his troublesome teenage Daughter, Dani and he soon meets the soon to be second Mrs Winters who works at a boat shack that Max frequents, both of them bonding over their seemingly troubled pasts, they fall for each other very early on in the book and it's not long before she's whisked back to Asherley, his Long Island mansion, which was somewhat of a passion project of his former wife and is definitely an underlying element throughout the whole book, Asherley is dark and compelling and a stark contrast to the opening setting of the Cayman Islands, it adds a sense of unease throughout the whole book. 

I haven't read Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca that this book is based on so I can't comment on the similarities but there's definitely an eeriness and sense of foreboding to this story that I have heard the original does have, as each new character is introduced, you can't help but wonder how they will play into the book, it kept me guessing until the very end and was a thoroughly enjoyable if not slightly creepy read, perfect for these darker winter months. 

Have you read this? What did you think?

Soph x

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