NOTD: Essie Licorice Nail Polish

So after I fell in love Recently with Essie's Mint Candy Apple, I decided to try out another of the polishes, and went for the Essie Licorice polish which is a shiny black polish. As I said here, I love the brushes of these polishes, the thicker rounded end means that I can coat the nail in one application and gives a smoother looking finish and literally takes seconds to apply. I also love the bottles, which although very simple, look quite classy.

I wanted to love this polish, but I was a bit disappointed, initially it was great, I had full coverage in one coat, which I was really impressed with, I put 2 coats on anyway, just so I had a flawless finish but I definitely could have gotten away with just the one coat. My issues with this was that it chipped really easily, well, it wasn't really chipping, but it just seemed to rub off really easily if that makes sense, I could have just peeled the polish off so after a couple of hours, it looked like  a 2 day old manicure which is a real shame, bearing in mind I have an office job so the majority of my day is spent sitting in front of a computer which isn't hugely strenuous on my hands. I have taken pictures below of the manicure after 2 hours and after 24 hours of wearing the polish.

Have you used this polish - did you have the same issue?

Soph xx
After just applying, one coat.
This is one coat of Licorice (sorry about my disgusting cuticles!)
This is after 2 hours, admittedly, I did wash up 2 cups but I would still expect less chipping than this.
This is the manicure after 24 hours of wearing it - pretty shabby, I like the "rock chick" look but disappointed with this :(
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