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I've been trying this Alpha H Micro Cleanse out for the past few weeks, since buying this set on QVC. Initially this was probably the product I was least excited about, I personally hadn't seen any rave reviews about it and it just wasn't a product that had ever been on my radar, I bought the set after seeing it advertised with the . After first use though, I was completely in love with it, it's a mixture of both manual (micro beads) and chemical exfoliation (Glycolic Acid), now while both of those sound quite scary, this has actually worked incredibly well with my quite sensitive skin, after first use, my skin was the tiniest bit red but it died down within a minute or two and my skin was left super soft, I honestly haven't found a product that has left my skin feeling this baby soft before to the point that I kept trying to wash the product off my face because it felt so smooth it felt like there was still a layer of product on there, it literally buffs away all the crap dead skin cells leaving a completely smooth, clear base.

Instructions on this recommend to use this twice a week, I err on the side of caution and would probably only use twice a week if my skin is bad, once if it's not too bad, but honestly for the past month or two my skin has been in really good condition, no break outs, quite glowy and no major oily or dry patches, I have changed up my skincare routine quite a lot recently so I can't pin point it to this product in particular but I really do think it has helped a lot with the whole process. This comes int the form of a creamy cleanser with tiny little gritty beads that aid with the manual exfoliation and the product itself has 12% Glycolic Acid, there's also Macadamia Oil, Cucumber Extract and Peppermint oil listed in the ingredients, the peppermint oil adds a soothing and refreshing feel and is the main scent of the product, it's a nice little extra kick to help you wake up in the morning. I love the packaging of all the Alpha H Products at the minute, white, black and grey with a geometric logo, what's not to love eh? 

This normally costs around £24.50 for 100ml, but you can get 2 x 100ml tubes on QVC for £28.50, which is really good value I think, although I bought it as part of this set that I saw advertised on Caroline Hirons blog for £36 which is also a really good deal considering that the 3 products work out at over £90 individually (the eye complex alone is £34). 

Soph x

2 comments on "REVIEW // Alpha H Micro Cleanse"
  1. I've never heard of this product before, but it seems really good. And I definitely need a new cleanser. I will absolutely put this on my radar!


  2. This has been on my shopping list
    Qvc have great kits i get most of my skincare from there as cheaper & have great brands.
    Not a qvc employee