HAUL : Topshop / Primark

Hi Guys,

So, I haven't done one of these post's before but as I spend most Saturdays wondering around my local town buying things I don't really need, I figured it might be good to start posting them up...so here goes!

I know every one went mad for these Geek t-shirts when they first hit Topshop a couple of months ago and I spotted that they were back in yesterday, I love it though, it's nice and baggy and I like the rolled up sleeves, I am a bit of a geek as well so quite apt for me! They had this in a burgundy red or this forest green but they have a really nice Blue colour in the Petite section but it just looked a bit too short for me, this was £18.

Next up are these little shorts, I'm not quite sure what "Cheeky Shorts" are but I'm guessing they're short shorts! But I quite liked the pattern on these, nice and christmassy and they match my duvet cover as well! Win! These were £3 I think from Primark.

Next up are these leggings, they have a kind of cable knit pattern on them and are super soft, I also liked the colour and picked these up for just lounging around the house, these were quite a bargain at £6 I thought, these are from Primark again.

This snood (I love that word) was only £4 from Primark, and as I love anything stripy, I picked it up, the winey red colour also matches my hat but they have a navy and cream version of this as well that I really liked. Again, this feels super soft so it's nice and cosy for winter.

I also got these Baxter jeans for £40 in the hopes that they would be similar to the Jamie or the Leigh jeans but they're not, the ankles on these are huge so just didn't suit me and I also got the wrong length so I just look a bit ridiculous in them, I really like the colour of these jeans though but they will unfortunately going back.

And that's it, surprisingly I didn't get any makeup or beauty stuff today, that's normally the only thing I come back with. 

Do you guys like haul posts? 

Soph xx
8 comments on "HAUL : Topshop / Primark "
  1. I love the geek jumper from TOPSHOP, great buy.
    FYI, I love haul posts, I love seeing what other people have bought- it gives me inspiration xx

  2. I love a haul post!! :) I'm dying to get my hands on one of those GEEK tops! I also love the shorts they're very Christmasy :) Xxx

  3. I love the next stuff makes me think of cold nights by the fire so cute. May have to go shopping I could do with some new stuff.


  4. I love the geek t shirts, I've the jumper too which is really nice! The shorts are so cute too very christmassy :) xo


  5. really love the geek jumper:)
    i'm so sad we don't have a primark here...

    lots of love xx

  6. Love the PRIMARK haul! ♥
    And the Topshop too!!

    New follower!

    The Misty Mom

  7. I love those pj shorts! The pattern is so cute! xx

  8. I've been seeing that Geek t-shirt around and I love it! I have to go to Topshop and see if I can find it! It's pretty awesome!