Label M Protein Spray

Hi All,

So, firstly, I'm going to apologise for my lack of posting recently, I got lost in the summer a bit, work has been crazy and I put myself on a spending ban because I just bought a car so didn't have too much to write about and when I did go to do reviews, it made me want to buy stuff! But aaaanyway, I'm back and will aim to keep up more regular posting!! I've been using this Label M Protein Spray quite a lot over the past month, This was my first foray into Label M products, my sister had been wanting to try this for a while so I picked it up when she got hers as she'd been hearing good things about it. When I first used this, I think I went a little overboard and soaked my hair in it and ended up with a kind of lank, greasy feel to my hair when it dried causing me to toss it aside and move onto something else. However, I recently had a blow dry at Toni & Guy and they used this on my hair, very sparingly, maybe 5 sprays on the whole head as opposed to me using about a quarter of the bottle in one go and it made my hair feel amazing!

My hair at the time was in desperate need of a cut (have now had it cut thankfully) so I couldn't expect miracles but this does help with adding some much needed moisture and health to my hair, so I have recently dug it out again and been using it in my hair care routine, definitely stick with the less is more with this though as I got a bit spray happy again one day and got the same lank greasy feel to my hair, I have mid length hair which is just past my shoulders and  around 5 sprays is more than enough for my hair.I use it post applying oil (I'm starting to see why my hair might have felt a little greasy!!) and just before drying my hair.

This comes in a white bottle with Black Label M Branding on it and is in a pump spray format. This can also be used to protect hair from heat styling and also helps protect hair from harmful UV rays so is a bit of an all in one product. I'm struggling to describe the smell, it's kind of got a soapy smell and a bit of an old spice scent, which is kind of appealing, I normally go for sweet or fruity smelling stuff for my hair but I quite like this, the scent doesn't stick to the hair though too much. I picked up a little 50 ml bottle for around £3.50 to try. I still have loads of it left so i'd recommend trying the smaller version before buying the full size as there is definitely plenty in there to give it a good trial, at the moment, I think I would re-purchase the full size when I'm finished and it's definitely left me wanting to try more from Label M

You can pick this up from most Toni & Guy stores and costs £12.25

Have you used any other Label M products, any recommendations?

Soph xx

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