Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

So, my first review is going to be about something that has been talked about alot in the beauty world and it's the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, I use 53 which is actually a little dark for my skin, I think i'd be better suited to a 51 or 52 for my skin colour, but it was purchased in a bit of a rush! I LOVE this foundation, I have a tendency to have quite sensitive skin and it can also be a bit dry (particuarly in cold weather) but this foundation doesn't irritate it at all and covers any imperfections perfectly. It says that it is a Matt foundation but I think it tends to leave a dewy kind of finish on my skin, which I prefer anyway. The bottle is also in an easy to use format, with a pump rather than trying to squirt foundation out everywhere. A little also goes along way, I apply about half a pump and then blend with a Ruby & Millie foundation brush, for a night out i'd maybe layer for a bit more coverage but for daytime, it works and is very natural looking!

Have you tried this foundation, does it work for you?


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2 comments on "Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation"
  1. I love the fruity smell of this foundation and it feels really natural on my skin. Love the pump too and it's easy to see how much is left but I refer revlon colorstay over this, if only I could take revlon colorstay and put it in the bourjois bottle!


    1. I haven't tried the revlon! I'm starting to feel I need a bit of a change from this foundation as well now, although I still love it! But check out the colour stay - thanks :) xxx