Scwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Save Shampoo

This shampoo was recommended to me by an old hairdresser of mine, it's for lightened and silver hair and is absolutely amazing if like me you bleach your hair. The shampoo is a deep violet colour and helps to tone down any yellowy/coppery colours that can happen after colouring hair. It helps to brighten and I suppose give hair more of an ash tone. My sister recently had a nightmare when she coloured her hair and it literally went yellow and orange instead of the golden and white blonde that she was trying to achieve, I recommended this to her (as her hair is really fine and she couldn't colour over it for fear of it dropping out) and it's worked wonders, I wish i'd taken photo's of before and after to show you all! While this didn't completely remove all traces of yellow and orange in her hair, it completely toned it down so she could leave the house without wearing a hat! I use this once a week on my hair to help keep any fading in between getting my hair coloured, I suppose essentially I'd liken this to a mild toner that they use in hairdressers! It really does work though and I get lots of compliments on the colour of my hair when I've used it, I sometimes can forget for a couple of weeks to use this and when I don't, I really do notice, this just brightens my colour up! My old hairdresser suggested putting this on dry hair as well to really give it a lift if you want that white blonde look, I haven't actually ever done this so can't reccomend but I would trust her if you want to give it a go. I use it on wet hair in the shower, get it into a lather and then leave on for a couple of minutes to let it work. The colour is very strong though so don't be put off if the shower turns purple for a few minutes! I buy this from my local Sally's Salon Services for £11.99 (and they sometimes have an offer on for 2 for £11.99) or you can get it from Feel Unique for £8.30 at the minute.

Have you used this, or any of the colour save range?

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  1. I wish you had posted pictures of your sister's hair as well. Thier is nothing more compelling than a visual proof. But I think I will take your words for this one.