No 7 Beautiful Skin Range

I'm a big fan of winter, Love the cold weather and getting all wrapped up and going for walks in the park or a nice frosty morning when the sun is shining. My skin however, hates winter, it gets extremely dry and flaky and moisturiser just seams to be swallowed up as soon as I put it on with no effect, so I'm endlessly on the search for something that actually moisturises my skin properly and deeply so that I don't end up with flaking skin halfway through the day. I have been using Nivea moisturising cream, which I do love because it is quite thick, however, I find it has a bit of a tendency to just sit on the skin rather than getting in there and adding much needed moisture! So, while I was in Boots the other day I spotted No. 7s new Beautiful Skin range tailored for 3 different skin types - Dry/Very Dry, Normal/Dry and Oily/Normal - I bought three products from the Dry/Very Dry range to see if it can help my skin out, the products claim to give you beautiful skin in 2 weeks so we'll see, I went for the Cleansing Balm, the Day Cream and the Hydration Mask - I'll put reviews up of them individually later - But I have to say, I'm already impressed with the range.

Has anyone tried any of the other products in the range?


P.S - All No 7 products are on 3 for 2 at the minute in Boots and if you use the machines in store, I found a deal to get an extra 250 points which you can use with the deal!

2 comments on "No 7 Beautiful Skin Range"
  1. great post, i work at boots & really want to try the new beautiful skin range! x