Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl

I am a huge Soap and Glory fan (I swear by their hand food hand cream, will post a review on that later) so I recently decided to try their new makeup line, I decided to try their Smoulder Kohl Liner in Black (I have a bit of an eyeliner obsession) and I have mixed thoughts on it, I always used to wear Benefit BadGAL eyeliner, until it was replaced with the thinner pencil so have been on the lookout for my new go-to liner, the Soap & Glory pencil has a great colour, it's definitely a jet black and one of the darker black pencils on the market, initially it applies nicely and is very soft, great for flicks and the waterline, but when you go to re-sharpen, it just seems to be a bit of a nightmare, I initially used the handy sharpener that comes in the lid of the pencil, but I seemed to end up with eyeliner all over my hands as it's just not that easy to use which is a shame, and the product just came out half broken off and with scratchy bits around the base which is not pleasant when applying eyeliner on the eye waterline! So, I tried another sharpener and it came out with similar-ish results, I'm not sure if it's the material they have used for the pencil but it just doesn't seem to work, which is such a shame because the colour is really great! Having said that, as you can see, I do keep using this, I tend to now, line my eyes with another pencil and go over with the Smoulder Kohl pencil just to top up the colour!

         (Sorry this one is a bit blurry but this is the Soap and Glory Kohl (the thicker darker line) next to Rimmels Kohl)

How have you got on with the Soap & Glory Kohl?

4 comments on "Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl"
  1. I have this eyeliner and love it, it applies so smoothly! Although I agree it is a rubbish sharpener :(
    Love Rosie x

    1. Hey Rosie! It is really good, have just started using the Benefit Sharpener with it and seems to work a treat :) xx

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