REVIEW // Mr Nutcase Custom Phone Case

So, a little bit of a random post for you today but I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Mr Nutcase to see if I wanted to review one of there custom phone cases, the idea is that you create the case you want online, they create and print the case and ship it out to you, Very simple and you get a customised case that will be a one off. There are lots of different ways to create the case, so multiple layouts that you can slot different pictures into until get the perfect case you want. I went super simple and got a case designed using one of my favourite illustrations, you can see in the picture below. I was going to do an 8 block layout and have some pictures from my Facebook page on there but decided with this case instead and I do love it but I might actually order a case with some of my personal pictures on it this week. The whole process was very easy and I'm really pleased with the end result, the one thing I will say is that I went for the Ultra Lightweight Slimline case which is very lightweight and won't offer a huge amount of protection to the phone but I hate bulky cases so I'm happy with this but if you want something with a little more ooomph, then it might be worth selecting one of the other options. Shipping wise, this was very quick, I created my order on the Monday morning, it was shipped on the Tuesday and delivered on the Wednesday, you can't really beat that. 

They also have an app which you can find on the App Store if you want to have a play around and come up with a design. 

I've also been given a 10% discount code for you guys to use if you do want to get a new case - the code is Thanku10 and can be used here.

Let me know if you like this?

Soph x

2 comments on "REVIEW // Mr Nutcase Custom Phone Case"
  1. Wow the idea of getting a custom phone case is SO fun, I love that! Really good quality looking and definitely more eye catching than generic cases. Lovely!!

    xx, H

  2. I love the design of this! I'll deffo have to check Mr Nutcase out, I do love a good phone case :D

    Cat | LilacGhosts