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So, my lovely sister went to the US for a couple of weeks last month and while she was there, I decided to take full advantage and put in a little order of some bits I wanted her to pick up for me while she was over there so I thought i'd put together a little haul for you guys to see what I got...

Hope you like, 

Soph x

First up for me, without a doubt, is anything peanut butter flavoured, I'm obsessed, so the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Chips Ahoy were a must along with the Snickers Peanut Butter squared, little square snickers with peanut butter flavoured nougat - yes, please! 

Second up is a selection of Lipton teas for making Iced tea during the summer, I'm a bit of a tea addict!

As above, I'm a bit of a peanut butter whore so more Reeses were on the cards!

Next up is the Skin Bender kit from Sephora, which has a variety of travel size goodies to try at a fraction of the price, it includes the Josie Maran Argan Oil, First Aid Beauty, Origins, L'Occitane. I'm excited to test these out! 

I've heard a lot about the Ole Henriksen face wipes and as I'm about to head away for a week I figured it would be a good chance to test these out and I they work out a lot cheaper if you buy these in the US.

Hands down, the L'Oreal Voluminous is my favourite mascara, you can get these here but they're half the price in America.

The GlamGlow mask is another hyped about product that I've been desperate to try, this again is a fraction of the price over there so I asked her to pick up the mini size to try out.

As an ex smoker, I'm always on the look out for products to try and whiten my teeth a little, I love the idea of these white strips so again, excited to try these out, will post up a review shortly once I've given them a whirl.

The L'Oreal Color Riche Balm isn't something I've heard much about but when I saw this on the Walmart site, I knew I wanted to test it out - it gives a sheer super moisturising was of color to the lips and smells like vanilla heaven. We don't have these here for some reason and I can't find anything to suggest that we will be getting them but I have seen them advertised on eBay here if you want to test them out.

I am a little obsessed with the Estee Lauder Turbolash Mascara, it's a strange concept, the wand vibrates as you apply but it really works and gives me a false lash effect in seconds. It is however crazy expensive but I do think it's something I'd keep repurchasing because it makes eyes look amazing!

Finally, as I mentioned before I love any Balm/Sheer lipstick type product and I've wanted to try the Dior Lip Glow for quite a while, it changes colour depending on the PH of your lips so you will get a unique colour that suits you! 
9 comments on "HAUL // Americana"
  1. I have a 15g sample of the glamglow and I love it!

    Taslima | The little things in life

    1. I'm super excited to try it, might give it a go this evening! xx

  2. Fantastic haul, I'd love to try glamglow it sounds amazing,

    but it's those Snickers peanut butter squares that I need in my life! Little squares of heaven.


    A Girl Blogs

    1. Thanks Hun! They really are little squares of heaven, why can't they sell them here?! xx

  3. I love going too the States and bringing back loads of sweets and chocolate :) Great haul!


  4. Great picks! Want to try out the Estée Turbolash mascara, it looks fab!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  5. It's fun reading this post as someone who lives in the US. I always buy Lipton Tea, especially in the family size tea bags and make a pitcher of iced sweet tea in the summer. Always pick my tea bags up at Shop N Save. I love the 3D crest strips. I used them in the past and they were wonderful. I will though have to try out the lip balm! :)

  6. Wow you have got some amazing things there your sister did good, I've got the 3d strips and they are amazing they did make my gums a bit sensitive but that's just me they are worth it xx


    Libertylovesmakeup.blogspot.com xx