REVIEW // Bioderma Micellar Water

I'm really surprised I haven't blogged about Bioderma before, it's old hat in the beauty blogging world and pretty much a cult product these days. I've been using this on and off for the past year to year and a half now, before this I was a total Avene Micellar convert which I still really love but I feel the Bioderma is a little better at completely removing makeup - this used to be pretty much my only step in cleansing but since I've gotten my unhealthy addiction to skincare and cleansers (healthy for my skin, unhealthy for my bank balance) I tend to use the Bioderma for removing my eye makeup pre-cleanse or if I'm being particularly lazy and can't be bothered to actually go and use a cleanser. 

So, a Micellar water for those that don't know is essentially tiny particles of oil suspended in a water which break down and remove makeup quickly and gently and a lot more effectively than a typical water based maekup remover. I have skin that leans toward being quite sensitive and dry but can also be prone to the odd hormonal breakout so I go for the Bioderma with the red packaging (Sensibio) which is aimed at sensitive skin but they also have micellar waters with green packaging (Sebium) for oily skin and blue packaging (Hydrabio) which is for Dehydrated and sensitive skin so they have a range to suit most skin types. I've tried several Micellars now, Avene, L'Oreal, Garnier and a few random ones I picked up in Spain but is the one that suits my skin best and leaves my skin feeling the cleanest.

It's a lot easier to get your hands on this these days as opposed to a year ago when it wasn't available in the UK but now you can pick it up online very easily - It's not the cheapest Micellar water you can get but I definitely think it's worth spending a little more to get this one if you can. You can pick it up here.

What's your favourite cleanser?

Soph x