HAUL // Primark, Gap & Rymans

A bit of a random and mini haul here, I couldn't not get the My Little Pony PJs from Primark, especially when I saw the Made in the 80s tee! I also ended up picking up a few other random bits, my favourite being the pens from Rymans which were both 1/2 price, who doesn't love stationary? 

Soph x

My Little Pony T-Shirt - £7 (I think!) - Primark

My Little Pony PJ Leggings - £8 - Primark

Hair Accessories - £1-£2 = Primark

Socks - £1.99 (Purple) 3 for £10 for remaining - GAP

80's Glam Sharpies - £9.49 - Rymans
Staedtler Fine Liner Pens - £8.49 - Rymans 

3 comments on "HAUL // Primark, Gap & Rymans"
  1. i HAVE to get those my little pony leggings!


  2. Aww the my little pony PJ look so cute!!

  3. I'm jealous of youe Sharpie set.
    hahahaha! :D
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