Origins GinZing Moisturiser

I'm a big Origins fan if you hadn't guessed by this post that I put up a while back and rushed out to pick up the GinZing moisturiser when it was released last summer, I've since splurged on more products from Origins! I love the packaging of Ginzing, it follows the mould of other Origins moisturisers with the sturdy pot and white lid but this one is bright orange, which is one of my favourite colours at the minute. The scent is amazing, it's got a lovely orange citrus scent which is nice and zingy and helps to wake you up in the morning, unfortunately it's not moisturising enough for my very dry skin at the moment but during the summer I paired it with Hydraluron and it worked quite while to give me enough hydration, the formula is oil free which is probably why it's not working so well for my dehydrated skin but it would be great for oily/combination skins.

GinZing also helps to brighten the skin with the benefits of having coffee beans and ginseng as part of the formula, to make skin look more awake, which it does give a nice glow to the skin but I wouldn't say it makes a huge difference for me, again, this might be down to my skin sucking it all in so it's not having the chance to provide these benefits as well. Price wise, this is quite good for Origins at £23 so props to them for making it more affordable as well, I'd definitely recommend if you're after a lighter moisturiser.

Have you given this a go?

Soph x

3 comments on "Origins GinZing Moisturiser"
  1. Same here, it wasn't really enough moisture for me. It also brought me out in a rash called perioral dermatitis which goes around your nose and mouth so that sucked! Took ages to get rid of it. Think it is because its heavily scented so watch out if you have sensitive skin.

    1. Was that like little tiny red bumps around your nose and mouth? Like little mini spots? I had something like that a while back but couldn't work out what was causing it! x

  2. I really can't wait for my next pay day! I'll buy purchasing this and the drink up intensive mask! :)
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