OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream Nail Polish

With all the talk about Nicki Minaj's OPI collection, I suddenly remembered how much I LOVE the Katy Perry Teenage Dream nail polish by OPI, I bought it last summer and completely fell in love with it, after my first time wearing it, I had to buy a few bottles of it just in case I ever ran out of it! I'm a big fan of glitter polishes anyway but this one is just so pretty and cute! I always get asked what polish it is whenever I wear it. The polish itself is a very sheer pale pink with small and larger pieces of glitter running through it, I wear this over a base coat of Nails Inc Brompton Place, just so it's got a bit more depth to it and the glitter stands out a bit more, It also has pretty good lasting power for a glitter, I normally get a good 3 days out of it before I start to notice any chipping happening! I did buy the full Katy Perry OPI collection when it came out but I have to say this is the main one that really stood out for me, I think I could definitely say that this is in my Top 5 favourite polishes (which is saying a lot for me, I used to have a bit of a nail polish obsession and literally have a ridiculous amount of nail polishes!) It's quite difficult to find this polish now but if you google it or eBay it, you can generally get it in the £8 - £15 bracket! Definitely recommend!

Do you have any of the Katy Perry OPI collection from last year?


p.s Sorry the pics are kinda dark, it was brighter in my room than outside when I took these! x
7 comments on "OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream Nail Polish"
  1. Very pretty color, I'm in love! Pink nail polishes always draws me in and so does glitter :D

  2. This is so pretty! I love glitter nail polishes :) xx

  3. I got this while I was in America last year, It was my first ever OPI and I haven't looked back since! Just love it!! xx
    Bea @ beabarella.blogspot.com

  4. I missed out on this collection, really want last friday night. I love glitter nil polish so have been looking on ebay but there's so many fake sellers so a bit hesitant to buy.

    Rachael x

  5. I LOVE this varnish, really want to get my hands on it!

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  6. such a gorgeous colour!
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