Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo

Hello Lovely People,

I'm a big fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo's, I hate washing my hair every day because I tend to prefer it the day after, it's just so much easier to get it to do what I want to do, plus, I really like not having to spend half an hour every day styling my hair! It's also great for those days when you wake up late and have no choice! The only thing I haven't always loved about them is the smell, I've tried out most of the different scents but I've always found them to be a bit of a musky smell, and I'm not a big fan of musk in any fragrance, I also find the scents to be a bit  overpowering, so I was super excited to try the latest Cherry fragrance they released, I immediately fell in love with it, it's fresh, fruity and light and great for summer! I know a lot of people find that with Batiste that it can leave a bit of a build up and it really "shows" in darker hair, luckily my hair is quite a light Blonde and even when I get roots they're quite light so I can really comment on it from this perspective, but for the build up, I use a harder bristled brush to try and get as much of the excess product out and then I blast my hair upside down with the hairdryer to get rid of any that the brushing doesn't get rid of, it's really helps with when you touch your hair during the day not having half the can rubbing off onto your fingers! (I'm having a brain block day, I'm sure there is a better way of saying that sentence so do forgive me :))

Which is your favourite of the Batiste Dry Shampoo's?


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  1. i too am a big fan and im exactly the same hair wise, i like it a day old to style. Bastite is my life line sometimes, especially with my fringe as i tend to touch it lots through the day and make it greasy. Totally agree on the smell too, must try tgis one out for sure!!