Loreal Universal Lip Glow

I bought this recently while on the hunt for a new lipstick and really liked the uniqueness of this, it's a sheer translucent pink colour and it states that it -  "adapts uniquely to the moisture within your lips to create a bespoke, individual colour" - I really like this, it's very moisturising and almost balm like when you apply, something that I can sometimes struggle to find in some lipsticks, this applies smoothly and leaves just a hint of pink on your lips leaving them looking rosy and glowy! Having said that, the colour builds each time you apply it, something I didn't realise, so on a night out, I had been applying this and then looked in the mirror and I had bright pink lips, which was a bit of a shocker but the colour was lovely so it wasn't too bad, however, if you're after a more neutral colour for lips, try not to apply too many times! You can buy this at most stores that sell Loreal, but I bought mine here for £8.49 and I think it's currently 3 for 2 on Loreal products at boots!

Soph xx

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