REVIEW // Alpha H Instant Facial

I picked this up as part of this special value set on QVC so I got this Alpha H Instant Facial, which at the time was newly released, along with the Micro Cleanse (LOVE!) and the Absolute Eye Complex, the whole set is a bit of a bargain at just over £36, the Instant Facial on it's own has an RRP of £37 so you are essentially getting the eye cream and Micro Cleanse for free so it's definitely worth checking out. The Instant Facial is essentially an exfoliating toner, so it's used after cleansing and before Serum to exfoliate and refine the skins texture, removing dead skin build up, softening skin, shrinking pores, evening out skin tone, blurring imperfections etc etc - I'm going to stop there, you get my drift. The initial thing that drew me to this was the spray pump, which writing that down, seems ridiculous but it's truth, as it happens, it's probably one of my least favourite things about this because I find it's got quite a wide spray that spreads further than the cotton pad and I'm never quite sure how many sprays to do but that's me being very picky as well, there are very few flaws with this product on the whole.

So, it's a glycolic based exfoliator but also has Cyprus, Thyme, Barley, Malt and Arnica which each bring different elements to the toner to help with the evening of skin tone and redness reduction. I don't use this on a daily basis but maybe more like twice a week, depending on how my skin is behaving that week, use around 3-5 sprays on a cotton pad then sweep all over my face and neck, I leave it to dry a little bit before applying a serum and moisturiser, you can also just leave it on it's own for a more intense treatment, so if your skin needs a good exfoliation, skip the serum and moisturiser. It's oil free and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and just looking alot more refreshed and alive.

I'd liken this to the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner as I find it to be quite gentle like the clarins, there's no stinging or harshness with this, it's a little bit tackier when first applied than the clarins but this settles down once it dries or moisturiser is applied. Alpha H as a brand is definitely one that I'm getting more and more into, I literally love the Micro Cleanse, which again is exfoliating but in cleanser form and it's just dreamy to use, my face feels so incredibly soft after using, I reviewed it here a while back if you want to know more about that one, but yeah, I'll definitely be checking more out from Alpha H, I currently have my eyeballs all over this Clear Skin Daily Face Wash.

Have you tried this before? Any other Alpha-H products I should be trying?

Soph x

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