REVIEW // Maybelline Master Smoky Eye in Smoky Chocolate

Today, ladies & gents, I present to you the Maybelline Master Smoky eye pencil in the colour in Smoky Chocolate, I've been using this eye liner over the past year or so and it's the only one I really reach for these days, which is a bit of a turn around, I've worn eyeliner since I was around 11 or 12, my Sister started me off by putting a little triangle of black on the outside of my waterline which grew into me lining my waterline with the blackest of black eye liners forever more, my favourite used to be Urban Decay's Zero, I don't think I'll ever not line my eyes in this way, I have quite big eyes and I get a lot of compliments so I think subconsciously I was just making one of my best features stand out. Now, I'm not sure what happened but last summer I just started to feel like the black liner was just a little bit too harsh so I decided to move to a brown eye liner and I honestly can't believe I didn't do it sooner, I have green eyes, quite a deep emerald green really and the brown works so well to just make the colour pop a little bit more.

This particular colour is the best I've found so far, some of the brown eye liners, particularly in the drug store eye liners can look a little bit muddy almost, and a little bit washed out but this one is a really deep, chocolate brown. It blends really easily and is really easy to smudge it out, I tend to line my water line, flicking out slightly at the corners and slightly smudge underneath to get a kind of smoky eye without having to apply eye shadow (I'm a lazy, little human). This does actually come with a little sponge applicator at the end for smudging it out, but I have my technique down so don't tend to use this, if you're new to eyeliner though, this will be really handy for blending it out. 

It's similar in size as well to my all time favourite eyeliner, the old version of Benefit's Bad Gal eyeliner, which was short and fat (now, sadly re-packaged to a regular sized pencil) but it means that it works really well for getting that smudged out effect from the waterline to the under eye because the tip is wider. I've also found that this is the best eyeliner to use with contact lenses, all others so far have left product on the lens or under it which looks very odd.

If you want to give this a go, you can find it in most chemists or supermarkets but I picked mine up here for £5.99 and it's also 3 for 2 on Maybelline at the moment in Boots!

Have you tried brown eyeliner before? What do you think? 

Soph x

2 comments on "REVIEW // Maybelline Master Smoky Eye in Smoky Chocolate"
  1. Great post must give it a swatch!

  2. I'm in love with my master smokey eye pencils, and find the black a really great dupe for the discontinued MAC chunky eye kohl. Great post!