REVIEW // Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream

So, I feel like at times this blog is an advertisement for Antipodes, but I can promise you I'm not sponsored or affiliated with them in anyway, I just really love their products and ethos and I haven't found a product of theirs yet that doesn't work amazingly with my skin, we also have a Wholefoods Market here in Cheltenham so it's very easy for me to get my hands on them now and as a result, a quick lunchtime break can turn into an Antipodes shopping spree pretty quickly. One of my latest finds is this Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream, it has Vinanza Grape which keep skin healthy & energized, Avocado Oil, which adds nourishment and Manuka Honey which is known for it's moisturizing but also anti-bacterial properties, all if which add up to make this such a lovely creamy moisture hit for your skin. It looks a little bit balm like in the pot which initially made me think it's going to be quite heavy for a day cream but it's surprisingly light when massaged in but still manages to deliver a lot of moisture. I've also found this is a really good base for makeup, my foundation looks a lot smoother and even when applied over this.

It smells so flipping good, as most antipodes products do, and none of it is because of any added fragrances that are going to irritate your skin, it's just down to the natural essential oils within their products. It's definitely got a Vanilla scent but a real vanilla scent if you know what I mean, like you are cutting open a fresh vanilla pod rather than the synthetic sweet vanilla scent you get in a lot of beauty products and it's also got the slightest hint of citrus in there as well which makes it nice and refreshing in the morning, this scent comes from the mandarin essential oil I think so it's not a full on orange scent. There's also rosehip hidden in the ingredients of this which is brilliant for helping to heal skin, so if you've had sensitive skin or any breakouts, the rosehip will help to prevent any scarring. Packaging wise, this comes in one of the brown glass pots, with standard Antipodes branding, I love these little glass pots, they remind me of old apothecary pots and are really handy to re-use when you've finished it up for making your own scrubs or face mask.

Overall, a it's a really lovely product and my skin seems a lot happier when using this, I'm currently using this and the Origins Make A Difference Treatment as my daily moisturisers (which is another lovely product) but I tend to reach for this more when my skin is playing up a little I guess, it seems to soothe it and even it out. If you're in the market for a new moisturiser and want to delve into the world of Antipodes, you can find it in a lot of the online beauty shops but BeautyBay have it on special offer for £23.99 right now so you can get it here if you're interested.

Have you tried Antipodes yet? What's your favourite product?

Soph x

6 comments on "REVIEW // Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream"
  1. I love antipodes as well! They make such lovely natural skin care - sometimes it's a bit pricey though! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Sounds great, I really want to try their Manuka honey mask! :)

  3. I just recently purchased and review this too! Such a lovely product xx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  4. I've never tried anything from Antipodes but this product sounds really lovely! Great review!
    xx Ann-Kathrin

  5. Thank you for sharing the love Sophie. It's hard not to love Antipodes Scientific Organic Skincare. You will continue to have beautiful, radiant skin! #lovethelove