REVIEW // Butter London Nail Foundation & Hardwear

I picked the Butter London Nail Foundation & Hardwear up as part of a set in TK Maxx, it was around the £18 mark for these 2, a full size nail polish, I got No More Wait-y Kate-y and a little sample size of the Baby Powder nail polish remover and a nail file. A complete bargain as I'd actually just been eyeing up a Butter London polish in Boots for £12 about 15 minutes before. One of these I like, one I'm not so mad about, we'll begin with my least favourite so we don't end on a negative note. 

The Nail Foundation is good in theory, it's got a slight, sheer beige colour to it so can be worn alone and dries to a semi-matte satin finish, all of which is fine but I just don't find it does much, I've used it without the top coat and it just didn't do anything to help prolong the nail polish, there's not really a whole bunch more I can say on this really, I don't hate it, I just don't really like it and I don't think it did much, I'm going to keep trying with it because I really want to like it, I love Butter London, the packaging, the formula, the fact that they were one of the first to come out with the 3 free formula (No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No DBP Colour and No Carcinogens) but this just didn't do it for me, I'll let you know if I have a change of heart.

The Hardwear Top Coat on the other hand is really brilliant, it gives the same effect if not better as some of my other favourite top coats, such as Sally Hansen's Mega Shine and Seche Vite but without any of the nasty chemicals. One coat of this and my nails are dry within minutes and look super shiny. The brushes on Butter London polishes are old school regular polish brushes, not tapered and wide like the likes of Essie or Rimmel but they work amazingly well because they're long and compacted together so you get a smooth, even finish.

If you have a TK Maxx near you, I'd have a look for this little set because even without the Nail Foundation, it's a bargain and the Nail Foundation may just work for you.

What do you think of Butter London polishes? 

Soph x

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