REVIEW // Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover

This little bottle of duo-phase loveliness has been popping up all over my blog feed recently and when I ran out of my trusty Clinique Take The Day Off I knew I had to try it if only to see if matches up, I actually have the Charlotte Tilbury version of this and they are incredibly similar but the Nivea ended up being over a tenth of the price...I'm all for splashing the cash on my skincare but if something works as well for £1.85 versus spending £24.99, I'm going to go for the cheaper option.

As it's a duo-phase product, you need to shake the bottle up to mix the two layers into one and very simply apply to a cotton pad and sweep across the eye to remove any eye make-up, I tend to hold it down on my eye for about 10-15 seconds to allow the make-up remover to do it's job then sweep across the eye a few times to make sure everything is off, I use one cotton pad per eye and then an extra one to tidy up and make sure everything is off. I do find the layers settle down quite quickly when you shake it up so you need to shake each time you want to add some to a cotton pad. I've used this with both waterproof and non-waterproof mascaras and it's taken them off with ease, I also used it today with my Tarte Lights, Camera Flashes Mascara which is notoriously a b*tch to take off and it didn't seem to have any problems.

The packaging on the Nivea product isn't as fancy as the Charlotte Tilbury which comes in a pump dispenser bottle but to be honest, that drives me insane because it squirts out bright blue liquid everywhere when you press down, meaning I have to stand out the way of it to make sure it doesn't end up all over my top and mop up my side after using it which is really not ideal. It's also not quite as quick at removing make-up, but there is literally a matter of seconds in it, so I think I'm OK with that. One thing I was worried about was whether this would irritate the skin around my eyes, which has a tendency to be sensitive to some products but it was absolutely fine, it's also safe for Contact Lens wearers which is a bonus.

You can find this in most supermarkets and drugstores and it's normally half price or on some kind of buy one get one free offer.

Have you tried this, what do you think?

Soph xx

2 comments on "REVIEW // Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover"
  1. I actually really like this!

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