Today's post is going to be a little bit of a skincare haul from Space NK - I've felt like i've been lacking a little bit with my skincare recently, I think I just got a bit bored with it all so I ended up in a bit of a rut with just using micellar water all the time and my skin was starting to get a bit dull and having a few breakouts so in typical "me" fashion, I decided to buy lots of new cleansers to get me back in the swing of properly cleaning my skin. I also snuck in a re-purchase of the Phytoneutre Clarifying Shampoo which is literally amazing but other than that, it was just cleansers.

This is something I've been debating purchasing for a while, it's the most expensive cleanser in this haul but it really is lovely to use, it's a gel formula but melts into a balmy, oil consistency when you massage it into the skin, it smells heavenly and very spa like with a deep rose scent. I'll do a full review on this soon because this is one of the ones I have been using most out of this little lot and I really am loving it.

I'm really into Nude as a brand at the minute, I picked up a moisturiser set in the Boxing Day sales and it's so, so good. This is a really nice cleanser and I've been using it most mornings for the past few weeks, it's not super foaming but it really cleans skin without drying it or stripping it, it smells like most of the nude products which is kind of a muted vanilla scent - actually, now I'm thinking about it, I think Nude products smell like the head on a Cabbage Patch Kid, anyone else find this?

I'm not sure why I picked this one up but I wanted something to be my Shower Cleanser, I've been using the Origins Checks and Balances which I love but I'm just a bit bored of it so once that finishes, I'm going to replace with this one, I haven't tried this yet but I love Kiehls products so I think this will be a win for me.

I've spoken about this little beauty before - link here - I use it one to two times a week to deep clean my hair, it has eucalyptus in it so it smells amazing and is super good if you have a cold because it really helps clear everything up. It leaves my hair really clean but not stripped so it's super soft. My only issue with this is the metal tube because when it's coming to the end of the product, it gets all battered and it was dripping green goop into my shower everyday but I can learn to live with that, if you're in the market for a clarifying shampoo, I'd really recommend trying this one.

And, that's it - it was definitely a bit of a splurge haul, I think I was obviously feeling quite lavish, I'll be living off toast for the month of January I think! 

Soph x

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  1. Ah I'm obsessed with skincare too, this Oskia cleansing gel sounds like one I need to try! Can't wait to read your full review on it! x

  2. Looking forward to your full review on the Oskia cleanser!

  3. I have never tried this brand before but I am looking to revamp my entire skin care routine so maybe I'll try it out this year (: