REVIEW // Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes

I've been after these brushes for over a year, I remember first seeing them around May 2013 I think but they sold out instantly and then a few months ago whilst going through my spam folder I spotted an e-mail telling me they were back in stock, I was on that website placing an order within minutes - it's a really beautiful set, the bag is lovely and the brushes themselves are just so pretty, rose gold, super soft and sturdy - I'll go through these one by one and give you a quick run down of how I got on with them but there isn't a brush in this set that I don't like and at £55 for the set, that makes each brush under £7 which is pretty impressive. Ok, onto thr review:

102 // Silk Finish

This is probably my most used brush out of the set, I use this for applying foundation and blending it in - i'd liken it to the Real Techniques buffing brush in look but it's actually alot firmer and more compact than the Real Techniques brush which I find gives a bit more of a flawless finish because it really buffs in the product - quality wise, as with all of these brushes, they really are good for the price, it's never dropped any bristles, it's easy to clean and is just so soft.

106 // Powder

Next up is the Powder brush, again, amazing quality and i've been using this for both powder and also for bronzer because it gives a perfect sweep of product without looking powdery. One of my biggest things with powder is that I hate the look of powder sitting on your skin, I only ever wear powder when I know i'm going to have a long day or if I need to work in the office because I know by the afternoon mymakeup isgoing to start to melt off of my skin - this however, delivers the right amount of product to set my makeup but never too much, obviously if you do like powder, you can build this up. I also love it for Bronzer because again, it doesn't put too much product on the skin so I can do my whole face in just a few sweeps.

127 // Luxe Sheer Cheek

This is my first angled blush brush, I normally go for more of arounded or pointed brush for blush because I have quite big cheeks and high cheek bones but this is actually the only one I've been reaching for, fo blush, it's quite square in shape when you look down on it and as a result it gives a nice sweep of colour in the right places - This could also be used as a contour as it's quite direct with applying the product so all you'd need is just to apply and then buff.

142// Concealer Buffer 

A nice compact little brush, perfect for blending in concealer under and around the eyes and for pinpointing concealer around any spots or redness.

110 // Face Shape

This is one of the brushes I haven't been too sure what to use it for - it's essentially a bigger version of the 142 Concealer Buffer Brush and i've been using it to buff in foundation or concealer around the nose but essentially, that's it's only use for me at the minute - if you have any tips on what this can be used for, let me know!

227 // Luxe Soft Definer

A super soft, blending brush for the eye, similar to MACs 217 which is the ultimate blender but this does a pretty good job, buffs and blends eyeshadow nicely.

231 // Luxe Petit Crease

Funnlily enough, I've been using this crease brush to apply eyeshadow in the crease - it's perfect, it's nice and pointed and dense enough to deliver enough product to the crease without overpowering it and blends it in nicely.

317 // Wing Liner

The only disappointment of the set, mine had a bit of a flaw so the bristles aren't straight which makes it not so ideal for doing liner but to be honest, i'd very rarely use this anyway.

8 comments on "REVIEW // Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes"
  1. Great Review! I've never tried Zoeva brushes but always hear good things about them, plus I think they are really gorgeous, which made me put them on my wishlist! :) xx

    1. Thanks hun! They're so pretty butsuch good quality as well, definitely worth picking up! x

  2. I got these the other week! They are just beautiful to use and look at .. Can't believe what good value they are too, great post x

    1. I know right, I didn't want to use these initially but they're just so good! x

  3. When you break the individual prices down like that, they are pretty bargainous aren't they? I love the look of the sheer cheek brush especially x

    1. That's probably one of my favourites! I use it every day! xx

  4. I really need to try more of these brushes out!

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