REVIEW // GlamGlow Mud Mask

I didn't expect to love this and I was really hoping I wouldn't love it to be honest, you've all probably seen this mask out there in the blogging world, it's crazy expensive but honestly, it's so, so good, I asked my sister to pick this up for me when she was in America because it's slightly cheaper over there, although only marginally so I got the little sample pot which is 15g but still works out at £25 here so when I do use it, I use it fairly sparingly depending on what my skin is like but I think I've had about 6-8 masks out of this pot, I have tended to use this just on the area's that need it though and pairing it with another mask, normally Origins Clear Improvement or Out of Trouble mask which I think helps to keep this lasting a little bit longer.

Texture wise, this is quite a thick clay with little bits in it that help to exfoliate - it sets on your skin, and I mean this sets, like rock hard so you don't want to be using this if you need to ring anyone or eat or anything like that because it will just crack and crumble, I apply it, settle down for 15 minutes and then wash it off using a warm flannel and it leaves my skin super soft, glowing and just generally looking healthier, if I have any spots, they look visibly reduced almost immediately, it really does make skin just look a lot healthier overall after using. A lot of people mention that this tingles or burns sometimes when they use it so I'd recommend doing a little test to make sure it works for you, I had a very little tingle but no burning or anything like that, it just felt a little bit warm.

It smells very lemony, I'm actually not a huge fan of the scent, it reminds me a little bit of cleaning products, I'm also not a massive fan of the pot it comes in because I find that it gets right under your nails when you come to scoop it out which is quite annoying when you think of the wastage, plus I don't really want clay setting under my nails. The actual outside packaging is nice though, i's in a little metal tin which looks quite pretty sitting on the dressing table.

Overall, although this is crazily priced, I'd definitely recommend it, and I'll be repurchasing the full size soon because it really does work and it's so handy to have for when you just need something that will fix your skin.

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Have you tried this? Thoughts?

Soph x

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  1. Great review.
    I bought the super clearing mask have you tried that
    That one is even more expensive & smaller too. Have so many masks not tried this yet x