REVIEW // GHD Rose Gold Air Hairdryer

Well, I'm not sure what to say about this little purchase, you may know that it wasn't so long ago I picked up the GHD Eclipse styler, review here, but one Wine fuelled evening, the GHD Air in Rose Gold ended up belonging to me as well - it was clearly the rose gold detailing more than anything that won me over, that and the tagline "Limited Edition", I didn't need a new hair dryer especially not one that costs £99 but my inner spendaholic kicked in and it was with me around 18 hours later - it's a thing of beauty and pretty good as well but to be honest, I was using the John Freida Salon Shine Hairdryer which is also really good so I think had I been using a hairdryer that was perhaps not as good, I would have really noticed the difference but they are still impressive and I think where I'll probably notice the difference between these and say a cheaper hairdryer is in how long it will last so and long term affects on the hair.

It's pretty lightweight and quite compact which defintely helps with drying your hair and I would say that it does dry my hair more quickly than the John Freida dryer.  Another area where this distinguishes itself from the rest is noise, it's so, so much quieter, it's still a hairdryer so it's definitely got some noise but it's a lot quieter and it's quite hard to explain but more of a pleasant drying noise, if that makes sense more of a consistent noise as opposed to going up and down ( you know you're going insane when you try and explain the noise of a hairdryer in words). So moving off of that, my hair has felt a lot healthier since using this which is a case of changing up my products as well but it's definitely down to this dryer as well. It also doesn't have one of those ends that ends up sucking your hair in which is a relief because I'm an upside down hairdryer and my mum has told me horror stories of people's hair getting sucked into the hair dryer and getting stuck so the fact that this one is closed off definitely helps my irrational fear.

Overall though, I love this hairdryer, is it worth £99, I don't know but I'm hoping that it will be something that lasts me several years in which case I think it probably is worth it, my last pair of GHD's lasted over 5 years and were only just starting to give up the ghost.

What do you think - excessively expensive or an investment?

Soph x

2 comments on "REVIEW // GHD Rose Gold Air Hairdryer "
  1. I want this & the Rose gold ghds. The back came off my current hairdryer recently & I'm terrified my hair will get sucked in. Also my ghds (about 12 years old) are on their last legs. Hopefully Santa will be very, very kind this year.

  2. Ive been wanting this for so long