BOX // My Little Paris Box

I can't remember where exactly I first saw about the My Little Box subscription boxes but I think it might have been at the Queens website and I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted in - it's in the same vein as the beauty boxes we have here such as Glossy Box or Birchbox but with a difference because it's a mix of lifestyle and beauty so for example in this box, I had a little Laura Mercier Primer, A mini Nuxe Oil and a brightening pen (which has just jogged my memory that I haven't tried this yet!) but I also got a little Paris notebook, some stickers and a laptop case. I love it, I like that there's a bit more of a surprise element, I've looked at some of the past boxes they've had in France and they include bags, sunglasses, tops, books so you never quite know what you'll get. The packaging is really lovely and the level of detail down to the sticker in the cover is really lovely.

It makes it all feel a little bit luxurious - I'm 100% won over - if you want to check it out it works out at £15/month incl Postage.                                                                                                                

5 comments on "BOX // My Little Paris Box"
  1. love the look of this box I've seen a couple of people posting about it!
    Jess x

  2. this is such a cute selection!

    from helen at /// new blog sale

  3. I keep on seeing this box everywhere. This is too cute! I love the packaging and the Parisian theme. :)

    Olivia x
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  4. This is like the cutest beauty box I have ever seen! I love it!

    Anoushka xx