REVIEW // Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash

I had a little sample of the Origins Checks & Balances in a Sephora Beauty Bundle that my sister brought back from America and it wasn't really one of the things I was excited about, despite my major obsession with cleansers and Origins as a brand, but because of it's size I threw it in my bag when taking a trip back to Ireland and quickly became obsessed with it. It's hard to explain what the formula of this is like, it looks creamy but it's not a creamy cleanser and when you massage it into skin, it foams massively so you only need the smallest amount to clean your whole face, it's very cleansing and is the kind of cleanser that does leave your skin feeling squeaky clean but without being tight or drying at all, it's quite soap like in the sense that it feels like it's getting everything off the skin and is really cleaning deep down in the pores.

There's no offensive scents in this I don't find, it's a little bit minty and smells a little like soap as well as you start to rub it in so it's nice and refreshing. The checks and balances refers to the fact this cleanser is well suited to most skin types really but especially combination as it combats oily areas but doesn't strip the dry area's and it's very gentle so I think it leans nicely toward sensitive skin types as well, to be honest, my skin can vary between dry and sensitive and a little oily at times so I've been loving using this as it tackles all my skin concerns in one. As I mentioned earlier, this froths up a lot and I find that I only need an amount about the same size as my little finger nail to cover my whole face, any more and it feels a bit too much so this 150ml bottle really will last a long time, even my little travel size which is about 15ml I think is going strong. 

I normally tend to use different morning and night cleansers but this works really well for both morning and night as it's gentle but super cleansing. As with most Origins products, it has a variety of natural ingredients working in the background such as Konjac Powder (combats oiliness), Wheat Protein (tackles dryness), Broadleaf Kelp (battles and breaks down dirt). One word of warning though, I don't tend to use this around my eyes too much because I find if it works it's way in, it really stings so it's worth taking any eye make up off prior to using this.
All in all, another lovely product from Origins and one I'm really pleased to have found.

You can find this here for £18, which seems steep but I promise you, this will last you a really long time! 

Soph x

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