HAUL // Homesense & others

Soooo, I've recently moved house and if you didn't already know, I love to buy things and post them on the internet for people to see, so I'm going to do a home version of that today. I've also done a massive Ikea shop as well, but it's more furniture so I might post that up at some point this week as well. There's quite a few bits here and they're all quite random so stick with me as we go through!

Hope you enjoy, let me know if you want more home hauls in the future! 

Soph x

Chick Paper Lantern - £4.20

I'm obsessed with this, it's a paper egg shape lantern, clearly for easter but I'm going to continue with this throughout the year, I'm going to get some LED string lights and bunch them up inside it to make a kind of lamp effect.

Homesense - Specialita Virginia Tin - £6

I have a couple of these tins about the place, they're very pretty and suit my girly, kitsch taste.

Homesense - Olive Oil Trio - £6.99

This is a very random purchase, it's 3 little tins of portugese olive oil but the tins are really pretty and I thought they'd look nice dotted around the kitchen. Unnecessary but pretty.

Homebase - Floral Lightshade - £7

Again, this is overly girly and kitsch for a 26 year old but I love it, I think this will end up in the haul - the boys I live with will love that.

Homesense - Glass Caraffe with Strawberry detail - £2.99

I'm using this as a flower vase at the minute but it could double up as a little water jug for beside the bed I'm thinking too. Really pretty shape and has a little strawberry indentation on the front.

Homesense - White Peach Candle - £4.99

This smells amazing in the jar, a really creamy peach scent but it really doesn't give off much of a scent when burning unfortunately.

Homesence - Tilly Parker Sweet Pea Candle - £6.99

Again, smells amazing in the jar, but really doesn't give off very much when it's burning.

Homesense - Sugar Skull Money Box - £4.99

I'm not even sure what to say with this one, it's pink, it has a diamond on it, it's a skull, I wanted it.

Homesense - Anchors Tray - £12.99

This is one of my favourite bits from homesense, it's a pearl shell base with a kind of woven rope edge and anchor detail, I really like this and makes a nice change from the white/floral thing my room has going on at the minute.

Homesense - Rhino Book End - £9.99

I had to throw this in at the end - I absolutely love this and had been on the hunt for some quirky book ends for a while, I think these were a bit of a steal for under £10 as well.