REVIEW // Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins

Before buying the Origins Night-A-Mins, I had been lusting after it for quite some time, I'd been given a little sample by one of the girls at our local origins stand and the citrus scent and rich, moisturising, almost balm like formula instantly won me over. It wasn't long before I was hitting up the origins counter ready for my next night-a-mins fix, at £32 a pot, this isn't the cheapest night cream out there but sometimes it really is worth spending the pennies, and for me, I'd rather spend more on skin care in the hopes that eventually I'll be thankful for it. I love the name of this cream, the little play on words of night-a-mins, definitely sucked me in and it's quite true to form as well, this cream really is like your giving your skin a good dose of vitamins and goodness.

The formula is super rich and creamy, it's got quite a solid formula, like a soft creamy balm, in the pot that when applied to skin is super moisturising but not at all greasy or heavy on the skin and leaves skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft, I do have the High Potency version which is made with oil, but if you have a more oily skin type or are prone to breakouts, they do have an oil free version that may work better for your skin. As the name suggests, this does have vitamins  C, E & H that work overnight to help reveal glowy, refreshed skin by the morning. After using this, in the morning, my skin looks a lot brighter, more even and just generally a little healthier than when I'm not using it. If like me, you enjoy a tipple or two at the weekend (or every night, I'm not judging, I hear you!) this is great for hungover skin and helps to take away the grey, dull tone that too much alcohol can sometimes give you. It smells amazing as do most Origins products, and has a zesty, clean fragrance that almost makes you want to eat it.

I'm starting to get a bit of a line up now of the origins moisturisers and I have to say, they are pretty impressive, they tend to do what they say, which when you are spending £30+ on a cream, you want to get what your paying for, they're also made using natural ingredients and essential oils which is always good. I'm already planning to re-purchase this, I can't imagine it not being in my routine.

Have you tried this, what did you think of it?

Soph x

3 comments on "REVIEW // Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins"
  1. Wow! this sounds brilliant! I haven't tried anything origins before but I really want to!

    1. I love Origins products, they really are so lovely!! x

  2. Love Origins products, they are a bit pricey but do last ages. Night-a-mins is so nice. Makes my skin feel so lovely the next morning.