HAUL // Primark, H&M, Boots & Sainsburys

Bit of a random haul for you today, and I apologise in advance for the awful pictures but I was in a bit of a rush to photograph them and run for food - food ALWAYS takes preference! But anyway, onto the Haul, it is a little random and the result of a hungover wander around Cheltenham but this is what I ended up with....

Primark // £9

I'm still unsure about these, I am a Jeans girl through and through, I always reach for a pair of Jeans over anything else but I'm trying to branch out a little and loved the pattern on these so I'm hoping it will work out well with these.

Primark // £9 

As above, not my usual style but I liked the pattern and I like the idea of wearing these.

Primark // £1.50 each

Another new venture into the world of midi rings, you can tell I was feeling adventurous, but I really liked the look of these and at £1.50 I figured they were cheap enough to try out.

Primark // £2

I bought the same glasses for £20 in Topshop last year, they're a mirrored Aviator style but the lens keeps popping out so I picked these up just to keep in my bag until I can find some new ones!

H&M // £6.99

This picture does not do this top justice really, It's a striped batwing style top that i think will look really nice in the summer.

H&M // £9

These are a thin loose pant, similar to the Primark ones above but in more of a t-shirt material. I bought these because I work from home most days so it's nice to have some trousers that you can just throw on and are comfy but aren't Pajamas.

H&M // £14.99

I'm obsessed with Pajamas and in particular Set Pajamas like this with shorts & a shirt, they're my favourite kind and I have a few sets from Topshop but they're normally quite hard to find, these are actually really nice and a good fit, they have a blue version that I'm tempted to go back for.

Boots // £8.99

I picked this up on a bit of a whim, I hadn't heard much about it and I quite like it, my only issue so far is that it's a really dark colour, I got it in Ivory which is the second lightest shade but it's really orange which is a shame because I love the formula. I'll do a full review of this soon once I've had a chance to fully try it out.

Boots // £7.99

This is my current favourite mascara, I'll do a full review soon but it gives me length and volume which is my kinda mascara.

Sainsburys // £2.99

This note pad was too pretty not to get, gold and baby pink = win.

So, that's everything, random but i'm happy with it all.

Soph x
2 comments on "HAUL // Primark, H&M, Boots & Sainsburys"
  1. I love the primark trousers! I saw them in there the other day and was going to buy them but changed my mind last minute. Wish I had got them though, they are gorgeous! xx

    Mapped Out | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Those primark trousers are really cute, I am definitely more of a jeans person too- it is good to try something different though!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets