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Recently the lovely people at teapigs sent me a sample of their Matcha Tea, the timing was perfect as I'd been reading up on it and was dying to try it. I'm a herbal tea addict - seriously, if you look in my cupboards, I have a ridiculous amount, my favourites are green and nettle tea (straight up, no flavourings) but I have all sorts of variations for when I do get bored of just drinking plain old nettle and green tea. I work from home and my office is in part my kitchen, which means that my "stretching my legs" time is quite often a wonder to said tea cupboard which happens at least every few hours, I try and avoid caffeine and dairy and have done since I was about 14 and it was then that I got into herbal teas and I've been addicted ever since, I can't stand normal tea anymore plus I really do think that they hold a multitude of health benefits depending on the type you drink, I'll do a separate review on some of my favourites. So, anyway, onto the Matcha Tea, Matcha Tea is basically the ground up green tea leaves, the theory is that you are gaining the goodness direct from the leaves, rather than boiling a tea bag and throwing away the good bit (the leaves), one serving of this tea is the equivalent to drinking 15 cups of regular green tea  which is an absolute win. It comes in a fine powder form which you then either add to boiling water and mix (they recommend whisking this in using a one of those little hand held whisks that you use to make lattes!) Or, adding this to warm milk to make a latte or adding to a smoothie or milkshake which would be great for those that aren't into the green tea taste. 

I believe Matcha Tea can also be used to aid weight loss although I can't personally comment on this because the sample size wasn't enough to put this to the test, If I decide to pick some up though I will let you know how this goes, but it basically boosts the metabolism. It also claims that 60% of people that tried this noticed an improvement in skin, hair and nails in 2 weeks which is pretty amazing. I really loved the taste of this, it's very similar to regular green tea, just a bit stronger but equally as refreshing and is a bright green colour which makes you feel like you're drinking pure goodness. Another little fact about this wonder drink is that it contains 70 times the amount of antioxidants of Orange juice and nine times the amount of betacarotene of spinach and vitamins A, B and C. Ok, I'll stop blurting random facts out at you now, but just to finish up, I really did love this and if it wasn't for the price tag (£25 for a 30g pot making it around 83p per cup), I would have 100% re-purchased this already, once pay day comes around though I'll definitely think about picking it up, when I think about it, I would easily spend that on a face mask (in fact, I just have!) which is a surface product while this tea is doing goodness from within but I don't know whether you would find cheaper teas that could do the job as well, I almost want to try it for longer to see. If you want to try this yourself, you can find it here plus I also have a 15% discount code for you all to use if you want which is Bloggers12

What do you think, would you try this? 

What are your thoughts on a regular tea review?

Sophie xx

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