Cybercandy - Skittles Darkside

I was recently sent some Skittles Darkside from the lovely people at CyberCandy. I’m a huge fan of all things American and in particular any American food, I’m always slightly jealous that they have so much Peanut Butter flavoured chocolate stateside and a far better selection of Pop Tarts! I remember when I first visited the Cyber Candy store near Charing Cross, I must have been about 13 and my sister used to take me every time I went to visit her in London, at the time, I would always pick up Reeses’s Cups, Marshmallow Fluff (add to brownies, makes them super gooey!) and Lucky Charms, come to think of it, that’s still pretty much my shopping list on CyberCandy so when they asked if I wanted to try these Skittles Darkside I jumped at the chance, my brother helped me to test them because he’s skittles obsessed and we’ve put our thoughts on the flavours below.

Green - Midnight Lime - Nice and Lime-y but not quite as sweet as the other Lime skittles flavours. 
Blue -  Forbidden Fruit - Delicious but hard to make out a particular flavour other than a fruity kind of flavour, bit passion fruit-esque if I had to name something. Bit smoothie like.  
Red -  Pomegrante - Personally, my favourite, tastes a bit like watermelon as well - delish. 
Orange - Blood Orange - Definite orange flavour, not much more to say about this, probably my least favourite but only because I don't really like orange flavoured sweets anyway. 
Purple - Dark Berry - Tastes similar to the forbidden fruit, nice but not overly flavourful. 

He does think that a mouthful with each flavour is the best though.
You can check out CyberCandy here.

What's your favourite American sweet? 
Soph x

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