Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

I picked up this Lush Popcorn lip scrub a couple of weeks ago, I’d wanted one of these for ages (I actually wanted the bubblegum one but they’d sold out) and I know this popcorn one is hugely popular in the blogging world so I picked this one up instead, it smells lovely, like vanilla and caramel, they also have the Bubblegum lip scrub, a bright pink that smells like bubblegum, surprisingly!! They also have Mint Julips which is a minty version, all of them smell lovely and because they’re made from caster sugar they have a slightly sweet smell which is lovely as well, they’re made from natural ingredients which is good because on the instructions it states that when you’ve finished buffing the scrub into your lips, you should lick the excess off so there’s nothing nasty in there.

This popcorn lip scrub is made up of Caster Sugar, Jojoba Oil, Sea Salt, Polenta, Coconut Oil & Popping Candy – I haven’t experienced the popping candy element yet so it’s not overpowering or anything. I have however, noticed the salt which the first time I used it, really put me off, the sweet sugary taste then a hit of salt wasn’t pleasant, but it’s actually really nice now and just like popcorn – weird, hey?! You can tell it’s got the coconut oil in it as well. It comes in the standard Lush pots, see through pot with a black lid, it’s a handy size as well because it’s small enough to cart around with you in your hand bag if you need too.

I was slightly opposed to buying one of these initially, £5.25 for a small pot of what is essentially sugar and oil seemed crazy but after making up my own concoction in the summer of sugar and oil that sat in a pot in my fridge forever before I had to throw it away because it was looking a bit suss, I decided to stump up for one of these once this ridiculously cold weather hit us! Also, I’ve read reviews where people have said, the price is actually pretty good because it will last you forever, I didn’t really believe them but once you try it, this will actually last me for aaaaages, you only the need the tiniest bit and the pot is jammed full so it is kind of a bargain, plus it’s done absolute wonders for my lips, it just buffs away any dry bits and leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth, I did have to use it a couple of times the first time I used it but now I just need to do it once every couple of days for luscious lips.

Have you guys used these – what are your thoughts?

Soph x

3 comments on "Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub"
  1. this stuff is amazing, can't praise it enough!

  2. I really want to try a lip scrub my lips seem to always be chapping and dry :( The bubblegum one sound lovely!

  3. Oh this stuff is brilliant. Especially in winter when lips get dry and cracked, you need a good scrub like this. it smells good enough to eat :)