Simple Gel Toning Cleanser

I hope you're all enjoying Wimbledon, I'm a huge fan so as I write this I'm on tenterhooks hoping that Murray can win this! But anyway, I have been trying to re-vamp my cleansing routine recently, generally, I tend to just use wipes in the evening and morning for ease but I know these aren't great for the skin, more recently, I have been using the Biore Products I have posted about recently but my skin doesn't need these on a daily basis so I tend to use these every couple of days. So basically, I just need a new daily routine of cleansing and toning. I am still a huge fan of the No 7 Beautiful Skin Moisturisers so I am sticking with these as my go to Moisturisers.

I love Clinique and Clarins products but I wanted to try some cheaper brands to see what type of make up remover I wanted as there are so many different formula's, Creams, Gel's, Soaps etc, I didn't want to spend a fortune on products that wouldn't work with my skin, so I decided to test it with some of Simple's products, I picked this out as I've never used a gel based cleanser before and thought it would be interesting to try, I picked this up alongside the Simple Eye Make Up Remover, (review here) which I wasn't mad about, and if I'm honest, I'm half and half about this product, it cleaned all the make up off my face and actually did quite a good job with my eye make up as well but my skin just didn't feel clean afterwards, it was a little bit like there was a layer of the gel left on my face so I had to go and wash my face afterwards which defeats the point really.

I'll probably use this product up but I don't think I'd re-purchase again.

Have you used this? What did you think of it?

Soph xx
2 comments on "Simple Gel Toning Cleanser"
  1. I've used this before, I know what you mean about the kind of gel layer feeling after using, but I did find it helped clear up a spot outbreak I was having, so pros and cons I guess! I quite like Simple facewash and the cream eye make-up remover, but the watery one made my eyes sting :( x

    1. I haven't tried the cream eye make-up remover but I had the same issue with the watery one! :( Will check out that though and the face wash! :) xx